Post-Doctoral Services & Access

Postdocs have access to connectSC resources including Versatile Ph.D., Goinglobal, Candid Career, Biocareers, and more. In addition to being able to attend alumni career events, postdocs also receive four, 50-minute career advising appointments for the academic year. connectSC access is available to you for one academic year with the option to renew your account for the subsequent academic year by verifying your postdoc status. This is the same case for gaining access to Handshake (see Step 1 below). 

To gain access to connectSC and Handshake:
Email Anthony J. Carlos, Ph.D., Senior Manager of Postdoctoral Affairs, Office of the Executive Vice Provost. 

  1. Once your postdoc status is verified, you will receive registration information from the USC Career Center to begin your registration process. 
  2. An email confirmation will be emailed to you with the temporary password to finalize your connectSC or Handshake account. 

For additional information regarding post doctorate resources and support, please visit the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs