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All USC students and alumni are encouraged to take advantage of our full range of career services, which have been designed exclusively for you. From our resume review and career advising services to online networking and targeted job search resources, we offer robust tools to help you make valuable connections and identify potential employers and industry trends. Wherever you are, our website enables you to search for jobs, research organizations, attend webinars, and network with fellow Trojans via the Trojan Network. In addition to our office, USC has school-based career centers or advisors who can assist you.

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Mission Statement

To support the diverse aspirations, identities, and experiences of Trojans as they seek professional opportunities.


Trojans will discover, develop, and thrive in their unique professional pursuits.

Core Values

K – Kindness guides our approaches, services, and resources

I – Inclusivity impacts the rise of all Trojans as we advocate for diversity and equity

N – No-One-Size Fits All enables Trojans to fully reach their individual pursuits

D – Dedication to increasing accessibility of digital tools for Trojans worldwide

Career Development Process

Career planning and decision-making help students choose or change a major and also provide a “plan of action” for students who have chosen a major.

Student Affairs professionals, academic advisors, career advisors, as well as other members of the Trojan Family, are invited to participate in a series of year-round professional development workshops highlighting the most current technologies, resources, and information related to career development. Participants who complete all four workshops within an academic year are eligible to receive a Career Planning & Resources Certificate to award this level of expertise.

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