The USC Career Center is open in-person Monday - Friday from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM and our online resources are available to you 24/7 including advising, job and internship opportunities, programs, workshops, career fairs, and more.


Exploring industries means actively investigating and learning about different fields and sectors of employment to gain insights into career options, job prospects, and personal interests, ultimately helping you make informed decisions about future career paths.

The USC Career Center supports all career pursuits. If you are curious about specific careers, click on Explore Industries above to learn more about various industries. Each community will have resources that will keep you current on industry and job search trends, alert you of upcoming on-campus and virtual events, and notify you of open internships and full-time roles.    


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Available Mentors

Tap into the USC Trojan Family to get career advice. Alumni may offer valuable insight on how to transition from USC to the workplace. Many alumni are excited to give back to current students.

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  • John W. Weldon CPA
  • Special Olympics
  • RAPP
  • Amazon
  • Thub
  • University of California, San Francisco
  • 22Squared
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Online Resources

The USC Career Center offers multiple resources to help individuals explore their career opportunities. We have curated several of our favorite resources to help discover career paths, learn about internship positions, and find full-time jobs.


Related Internships

Another great way to learn about careers is to secure an internship in a role or field you might be considering. An internship is a short-term opportunity to get training and hands-on experience in a real work environment in the industry of your interest. View available internships here, or learn more about internships »

Featured Classes

Cultural Humility and Agility

Taught by Tatiana Kolovou
Are you actively promoting a culture of inclusion inside and outside of your organization? If not, it’s time to pivot,…

Building and Maintaining Your UX Design Portfolio

Taught by Diane Cronenwett
Creating and maintaining a compelling UX design portfolio is never an easy, straightforward task. What should you include? How can…

Project Management Tools for WordPress

Taught by Joe Casabona
Prerequisites Familiarity with WordPress and knowledge of desired features in a project management tool are necessary to benefit from this…

Intermediate Python for Non-Programmers

Taught by Nick Walter
Are you ready to take your Python skills to the next level, but not sure how to proceed? Join instructor…

Introduction to Azure Subscription and Resource Management

Taught by Kazeem Adegboyega
Developing a solid understanding of Azure subscriptions and resources is fundamental to successfully managing and maintaining your Azure environment. In…

Azure Administration Essential Training

Taught by David Elfassy
Projects Create and manage a virtual machine in Azure. Implement and manage an Azure storage account and an Azure web…

Defining Your Data Career Path

Taught by Kate Strachnyi
In this course, Kate Strachnyi, one of the data world’s leading voices, shows you what data career options exist and…

Human Resources: Payroll

Taught by Gabriella Parente
Payroll is a core function in human resources departments everywhere. Complex tax and labor laws can make it seem daunting,…

Finale Essential Training

Taught by Rick Schmunk
If you produce music for large bands or are a student looking toward a career in music production, then Finale…

.NET MAUI Essential Training

Taught by Matt Milner
.NET MAUI is a new UI framework for cross-platform development. If building mobile applications for your company is part of…

PowerShell: Securing Windows Environments

Taught by Robert McMillen
PowerShell is a task automation and configuration management program that helps IT staff monitor threats and perform important security functions.…

Communicating Face-to-Face Module

The Importance of Effective Communication Skills  Each year we survey employers about what they seek in candidates for internship and…

Your Customer Module

Everyone Keeps Talking about Customer Service. Employers understand customer service can make or break their business. You will explore how…

Written Communication Module

It’s Public Record Now Writing is almost as critical as verbal communication: emails, documents, procedures, and marketing require you to…

The Importance of Mentors Module

The Importance of Mentors Module Step 1 – Learn What is Mentoring? What is mentoring? Mentoring is a powerful personal…

Teamwork Module

There is No “I” in the word Team Employers rank teamwork as one of the essential elements of a successful…

Taking the Initiative Module

 Take Initiative  Initiative is the single attribute that always sets you apart from others. Honing this skill can benefit…

Social Media and You Module

Steps in the module: Learn: Read the following document. Complete the reflection activity. Step 1 – Learn What Your Social…

Phone Etiquette Module

The Ubiquitous Phone The phone call is still the pillar of business communication despite the many communication options today. Learn…

Etiquette at Work Module

Like following driving rules, you need to learn the signposts and techniques for navigating expectations at work. Step 1 –…

Industry & Career Guides

Vault Guide to the Top 100 Law Firms, 2022 Edition

The Vault Guide to the Top 100 Law Firms is the most comprehensive, candid guide on the nation’s most prestigious …

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