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Exploring industries means actively investigating and learning about different fields and sectors of employment to gain insights into career options, job prospects, and personal interests, ultimately helping you make informed decisions about future career paths.

The USC Career Center supports all career pursuits. If you are curious about specific careers, click on Explore Industries above to learn more about various industries. Each community will have resources that will keep you current on industry and job search trends, alert you of upcoming on-campus and virtual events, and notify you of open internships and full-time roles.    


Available Mentors

Tap into the USC Trojan Family to get career advice. Alumni may offer valuable insight on how to transition from USC to the workplace. Many alumni are excited to give back to current students.

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  • John W. Weldon CPA
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  • Special Olympics
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  • RAPP
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  • Amazon
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  • Thub
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  • University of California, San Francisco
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  • Deloitte Consulting
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Online Resources

The USC Career Center offers multiple resources to help individuals explore their career opportunities. We have curated several of our favorite resources to help discover career paths, learn about internship positions, and find full-time jobs.


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Write Performative Programs with C# by Microsoft Press

Taught by Markus Reynolds
If you’re looking to learn more about high-performance programming, this course was made for you. Join expert Microsoft developer and…

L&D Basics: Getting Your Strategy Up and Running

Taught by Madecraft
Creating a learning and development (L&D) strategy from scratch is a challenging endeavor. In this course, L&D expert Kelsey Bardfield…

Building Trust Through UX Design

Taught by Tetiana Gulei
Building trust with users goes beyond just protecting their data. In this course, learn best practices that designers and strategists…

Case Study: Visualize Complex Microservice Data Using Python

Taught by Kathryn Hodge
As a software engineer, your day-to-day duties can seem like an endless to-do list, so it’s often difficult to find…

Sales Strategy: How to Effectively Sell Your Product or Service

Taught by Shawn Casemore
Are you looking to build out your sales strategy to more effectively sell your product and service? Join sales expert…

SQL for Data Analysis

Taught by Nikiya Simpson
If you’re looking to use Structured Query Language in your application development but your story is more prequel than SQL,…

Top 10 Skills for AI Systems Designers

Taught by Ben Sullins
Check out the Top 10 Skills series, where career experts and LinkedIn Learning instructors walk you through the most important…

Interpersonal Communication

Taught by Dorie Clark
View Dorie’s LinkedIn Newsletter Communicating effectively isn’t an innate talent that some people have and others don’t—it’s something that anyone…

ChatGPT Prompts for Jobseekers

Taught by Dave Birss
If you’ve ever looked for a job—or had to leave one—you probably got advice from friends, family, and coworkers about…

Using AI as Your SEO Assistant

Taught by Dave Birss
If you want to get your site noticed by search engines, you need to get good at SEO. And who…

AI Show: The Basics of Prompt Engineering with Azure OpenAI Service

Taught by Microsoft Learn
The AI Show is a licensed partnership with Microsoft Learn that showcases the amazing work happening in AI at Microsoft.…

Communicating Face-to-Face Module

The Importance of Effective Communication Skills  Each year we survey employers about what they seek in candidates for internship and…

Your Customer Module

Everyone Keeps Talking about Customer Service. Employers understand customer service can make or break their business. You will explore how…

Written Communication Module

It’s Public Record Now Writing is almost as critical as verbal communication: emails, documents, procedures, and marketing require you to…

The Importance of Mentors Module

The Importance of Mentors Module Step 1 – Learn What is Mentoring? What is mentoring? Mentoring is a powerful personal…

Teamwork Module

There is No “I” in the word Team Employers rank teamwork as one of the essential elements of a successful…

Taking the Initiative Module

 Take Initiative  Initiative is the single attribute that always sets you apart from others. Honing this skill can benefit…

Social Media and You Module

Steps in the module: Learn: Read the following document. Complete the reflection activity. Step 1 – Learn What Your Social…

Phone Etiquette Module

The Ubiquitous Phone The phone call is still the pillar of business communication despite the many communication options today. Learn…

Etiquette at Work Module

Like following driving rules, you need to learn the signposts and techniques for navigating expectations at work. Step 1 –…

Industry & Career Guides

Practice Perspectives: Vault’s Guide to Legal Practice Areas, 2024 Edition

Practice Perspectives: Vault’s Guide to Legal Practice Areas is the insider’s guide to what it’s really like to practice at …

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