Trojan Network

Trojan Network is USC’s exclusive professional networking and mentorship platform. It is designed to help students and alumni connect with Trojans in wide-ranging roles and industries around the globe.

USC alumni are eager to share their career knowledge and industry-related experiences through informational interviews, networking, and mentorship opportunities. Harness the power of the Trojan Family and join the Trojan Network today!

For Students

Register using your USC Net ID. Be sure to upload a photo and include a professional headline.

New Graduates

We encourage new graduates to register using your USC NET ID and select “Student” as user type. Your student account will automatically be transitioned to an alumni account three months after your degree has been conferred. You will receive notification when the transition occurs.

For Alumni

Register using a personal email address that USC can use for future correspondence. You will also need to provide your Alumni ID.

Your eight-digit alumni ID begins with a zero (i.e., 01234567) and can be found on one of the following: your alumni membership card, the Trojan Family Magazine mailing label, or by visiting your alumni profile page at

If you need your Alumni ID, please complete a service request with the USC Alumni Association by visiting