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Architecture, Construction, and Design

Find information and support to explore and advance your career in Architecture, Construction, and Design.

The USC Career Center supports all career pursuits. If you are curious about creating objects or systems using technology and art, learn more about architecture, construction, and design. This community keeps you current on industry and job search trends, alerts you of upcoming relevant on-campus and virtual events, and notifies you of open internship and full-time roles.


Available Mentors

Tap into the USC Trojan Family to get career advice. Alumni may offer valuable insight on how to transition from USC to the workplace. Many alumni are excited to give back to current students.

Tips on Networking »

  • Special Olympics
  • Nisum
  • United Nations
  • ScaleLA Foundation
  • Smith Facial Plastics
  • The National Institutes of Health
  • FAFSA Now
  • F45 Training
  • Varo Bank
  • Arcadia Unified School District
  • Multicultural Angel Investor Network

Online Resources

The USC Career Center offers multiple resources to help individuals explore their career opportunities. We have curated several of our favorite resources to help discover career paths, learn about internship positions, and find full-time jobs.


Featured Classes

Hands-on with Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD)

Windows Virtual Desktop is a desktop and app virtualization service in Azure that lets you do everything from deliver a…

Taking the Fear out of Feedback

Pete Mockaitis | How to Be Awesome at Your Job
What’s the best way to give and receive effective feedback? How do you hold feedback conversations without all the angst…

Ready Aim Fire! (Blinkist Summary)

Setting goals is admirable, but it can be challenging to make the leap from setting goals to achieving them. Where…

InDesign: Creating Long Documents

Mike Rankin
You know the basics of InDesign, but do you know how to plan, create, and output an entire book? In…

OpenVPN in Linux

In this course from ITProTV, instructors Daniel Lowrie and Justin Dennison take you through the process of setting up an…

Data Visualization in Python with Dash

Robin Andrews
Data is everywhere. It’s fundamental to your business process. It allows you to make sound, well-informed decisions driven by evidence,…

SSCP Cert Prep: 5 Cryptography

Mike Chapple
The Systems Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP) certification is an excellent entry point to a career in IT security. To help…

Tech On the Go: Ethics in AI

Ayodele Odubela
The ethics of artificial intelligence is hotly contested in tech. And as AI has been adopted in recent years by…

Project Management Skills for Leaders

Dana Brownlee
It’s easy to think of project management as some specialized magic that only certified project managers possess, but the truth…

Inside Sales

Josiane Feigon
Inside sales professionals face a noisy, crowded, and fast-paced marketplace with distracted and risk-averse decision makers. In this course, best-selling…

Raspberry Pi Essential Training

Mark Niemann-Ross
In this introductory class to the Raspberry Pi, technologist Mark Niemann-Ross explains the vocabulary associated with this single-board computer, then…

Communicating Face-to-Face Module

The Importance of Effective Communication Skills  Each year we survey employers about what they seek in candidates for internship and…

Your Customer Module

Everyone Keeps Talking about Customer Service. Employers understand customer service can make or break their business. You will explore how…

Written Communication Module

It’s Public Record Now Writing is almost as critical as verbal communication: emails, documents, procedures, and marketing require you to…

The Importance of Mentors Module

The Importance of Mentors Module Step 1 – Learn What is Mentoring? What is mentoring? Mentoring is a powerful personal…

Teamwork Module

There is No “I” in the word Team Employers rank teamwork as one of the essential elements of a successful…

Taking the Initiative Module

 Take Initiative  Initiative is the single attribute that always sets you apart from others. Honing this skill can benefit…

Social Media and You Module

Steps in the module: Learn: Read the following document. Complete the reflection activity. Step 1 – Learn What Your Social…

Phone Etiquette Module

The Ubiquitous Phone The phone call is still the pillar of business communication despite the many communication options today. Learn…

Etiquette at Work Module

Like following driving rules, you need to learn the signposts and techniques for navigating expectations at work. Step 1 –…

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