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Interested in taking a Gap Year?

A gap year is a year off between graduating from your undergraduate studies and starting graduate school or pursuing a job. If you are considering a gap year, we encourage you to take this time to increase your professional and personal awareness. Reasons students may take a gap year include:

  • Accepting a job to earn money before graduate school
  • Still deciding and exploring options
  • Using this time to travel
  • Taking a break and recharging
  • Preparing for graduate school
  • Focusing on personal development

USC Career Center has curated a sampling of programs and resources for taking a gap year. Some may be paused due to COVID-19. Make an appointment to discuss additional resources to plan your gap year experience.

Grad School: Is it Right for You?

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Leverage your alumni career benefits today. Our alumni career resources are designed exclusively for you and can be accessed on-demand anywhere in the world. We offer robust resume reviews, career management tools,  online networking, and targeted research information. Our goal is to help you create a competitive job search strategy, make valuable connections, identify potential employers, and land your next opportunity.  View a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).


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