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Evaluating and Negotiating an Offer

Once an employer has given you an offer, you may have additional questions about deciding to accept or decline a difficult one. Begin with an assessment of yourself, your needs, and your desires. Ask yourself a few questions:

  • What are my career goals? Does this job offer meet my aspirations?
  • What are my priorities and obligations? Will this job offer allow me to fulfill these needs?
  • Does this organization meet my standards, morals, and values?
  • Will this position offer me enough challenges to grow, learn, and develop new skills?
  • Is the salary competitive for your industry and geographical location while meeting your personal budget needs?  Glassdoor  and are great resources to start researching salaries.  
  • Do the benefits and working environment meet my expectations?

Begin by researching the position and learning everything you can about it. Evaluate the organization’s current position in the industry using a resource such as Firsthand and D&B Hoovers (in connectSC under the “Online Resources” section). There are many areas to consider when doing this research, explore the resources below to learn more.



Tap into the USC Trojan Network to get career advice. Alumni may offer valuable insight on how to transition from USC to the workplace. Many alumni are excited to give back to current students.

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Career Management Information, Research, & Employment Opportunities

Leverage your alumni career benefits today. Our alumni career resources are designed exclusively for you and can be accessed on-demand anywhere in the world. We offer robust resume reviews, career management tools,  online networking, and targeted research information. Our goal is to help you create a competitive job search strategy, make valuable connections, identify potential employers, and land your next opportunity.  View a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

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