The USC Employer Partnership Program elevates your organization to recruit top USC talent by enhancing your connections on campus, recruiting, and branding experience. 

By partnering with the USC Career Center, you commit to the success of your organization’s recruitment talent goals and many opportunities to engage our USC Trojan students. 

You may select through a myriad of benefits customized to your organization’s needs through the Executive, Gold, and Silver levels of engagement. Our Employer Engagement team is prepared to maximize your partnership investment. 

All three levels offer the opportunity to engage students, elevate your brand and recruit and diversify talent at USC.

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For more information, please contact:
Lori Shreve Blake, Senior Director for Career Engagement
(213) 821-1076

2023 – 2024 Partners

Executive (Coming Soon)

Gold (Coming Soon)

Silver (Coming Soon)

Recruiting Guidelines

Our highest priority is ensuring that both students and employers enjoy an equitable and successful recruiting environment. As such, we hold both parties to the highest ethical standards. Behavior by any participant found to be illegal or inappropriate will result in an immediate, temporary, or permanent ban from any or all of our services. Additionally, we reserve the right to refuse service if an organization has any unresolved investigations, complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau or California Secretary of State, or for any inappropriate or egregious behavior as determined by the USC Career Center and our campus community. These penalties, which include the removal of job postings, can be invoked at any time, with or without explanation. Our guidelines for defining illegal and inappropriate behavior are the Federal Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) guidelines, the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) Principles for Ethical Professional Practice, the policies and guidelines on this page, and, always, common sense. The Career Center reserves the right to decline any employer or job posting at our sole discretion with or without explanation. Questions regarding our policies and guidelines can be directed to the Employer Engagement Team.

All organizations, that transact in legal business and in accordance with our Recruiting Guidelines and Policies, are welcome and invited to recruit through the USC Career Center. We are not able to cull out certain organizations or industries based on individual student values. Different students have different preferences, values, and opinions. If a particular organization or industry does not align with your values or beliefs, it may align with another group of students. Please be sensitive that this practice allows us to offer the widest array of employment opportunities for all students.

Note: Employers participating in the USC Employer Partners Program must have paid internships and part-time or full-time positions available within their organizations. We will not accept employers into the partner program with commission-only employment opportunities.