5 Reasons to Use the USC Career Center

To you, the USC Career Center may merely be the space next to your favorite lunch spot on campus. In reality, we are a lively hub of resources and opportunities tailored to propel Trojans toward success. Here are five compelling reasons why you should make the USC Career Center your go-to resource:

  1. Preparation Services: Crafting Your Professional Identity

    Turning a laundry list of skills and experiences into a compelling resume is no small feat. That’s where the USC Career Center steps in with its top-notch preparation services. From fine-tuning your resume to ensuring your cover letter stands out, they provide the guidance needed to make a stellar first impression. It’s the kind of support that transforms a mere application into a ticket to your dream job.

    Stop by for Drop-In hours M-F from 1-3:30 PM for general career questions or schedule a 30-minute advising appointment for a more in-depth meeting.
  2. Personalized Career Planning: Navigating Your Path

    Feeling lost in the sea of career possibilities? The Career Center specializes in helping you find your professional compass. Through one-on-one sessions with our talented advisors, you will discover your strengths and interests. Once you’ve found your direction, they can help you chart a course, exploring internship and on-campus job opportunities that align with your goals. It’s like having a career GPS right at your fingertips.

    Use connectSC, the Career Center’s all-in-one platform to access online resources, jobs, and events.
  3. Trojan Talks: A Glimpse into Your Future

    Trojan Talks are an insider’s guide to the professional world. These sessions feature representatives from different organizations who inform you of everything you need to know—organization culture, qualifications of new hires, details on the recruiting process, and information about open positions. It’s like getting a sneak peek into your future workplace, helping you make informed decisions about your career path. Trojan Talks can take place in form of a workshop, information session, coffee chat, or various other formats.

    Check out upcoming Trojan Talks on our website.
  4. Career Fairs + Events: Where Opportunities Knock

    The USC Career Center doesn’t just wait for you to seek opportunities; it actively brings them to your doorstep. Whether it’s the lively Career Carnival or the biannual Career Fair, these events are goldmines of possibilities. And it’s not just for graduation-ready seniors; there are fairs catering to different demographics, including specialized events like the Graduate Schools Fair and On-Campus Student Job Fair. These gatherings can help you land a job, but they’re also about exploring industries, networking, and expanding your horizons.

    Explore the events the Career Center has to offer.
  5. Trojan Network: Connecting with the USC Family

    The Trojan Network is the ultimate game-changer. It allows you to connect with Trojan alumni to expand your network. Think of it as an exclusive LinkedIn, except, signing up for the Trojan Network is optional meaning that those that do sign-up want to connect with other Trojans! Get insight into job postings, find a mentor, gain valuable career advice specific to your field, and build experience with short-term projects posted by alumni. Through the Trojan Network, you can tap into the wisdom and experiences of those who’ve already paved the way. We are a powerful community that extends far beyond the classroom, so make use of it!

    Access the Trojan Network.

The USC Career Center is not just a back-up support system; it’s a catalyst for your success. So, why navigate the professional landscape alone when you can have a team of experts and a network of Trojans cheering you on? Take advantage of these resources, and let the USC Career Center be the wind beneath your wings as you soar toward your career goals.

By Sarah Ju
Sarah Ju