Starting a Career in Sustainability

If you are thinking about a career in sustainability, this article provides a 4-step plan on finding entry-level jobs and experiences. The plan includes:

  1. Figure out what you want to do in 3-5 years. This starts with narrowing down your job of interest by sector, industry, function role or team, and the sustainability issues you would like to focus on.
  2. Start (or clean up) your online presence. For example, ensure your LinkedIn profile is up to date, while confirming your personal social media accounts are appropriate for any potential employers who may do a search on you.
  3. Network, network, and then network some more. This is a great way to learn more about careers in the field, as well as connect with other professionals.
  4. Start building (any) experience. Building skills within sustainability can include: communication, problem-solving, program or project management, data analysis, and reporting skills.

These tips will be helpful in providing actionable steps to launch your career. Be sure to read more tips on the 4-Step Guide.

To continue your exploration on opportunities on Sustainability, view the USC Career Center website section on Environment and Sustainability and additional green job search listings including Environmental Career Opportunities on connectSC.

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