Job Searching in the Film Industry During COVID

Reflecting on China’s recent theatrical recovery, IMAX CEO, Richard Gelfond, is optimistic about Hollywood’s movie theatre comeback. Although the pandemic has made things challenging, there are still many ways to build your skills and grow your network!

1. Review and explore new skills

From maintaining transferrable skills to developing and polishing your hard skills (i.e. video editing, photography, Adobe software portfolio), identifying your top skills will help you discover how you can best contribute to projects and find the opportunities that are the best fit for you.

2. Join an online community

Connect with industry professionals on LinkedIn and learn more about career options through informational interviews with alumni on the Trojan Network. In response to COVID, many online communities have started sharing information about recruiting opportunities, including this filmmaker community on Slack and writers hangout.

3. Promote yourself!

In this digital age, creating an online portfolio and/or personal website to showcase your work can be a great asset to your professional brand. If you are about to graduate, you most likely have many projects that you can add to your online portfolio. For those just starting out, utilizing the Trojan Network can help you get started. In addition to creating a personal website, develop your social media presence to further extend your digital reach and market your skills.

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