Employer Partners Virtual Networking Event Instructions for Employers

View this video for an on-demand training, or review the steps below for instructions on how to video chat with students during the event.

  1. Go to connectSC and log in or click “forgot password” if you are new to the system.
  2. On the day of the fair, you can get into the fair 60 minutes before the fair starts.
  3. Once you have logged in, go to “Events”–>”Career Fairs”–>”Employer Partners Virtual Networking Event” and click “View Chats.”
  4. Confirm your meeting information (update with a new video link if you need to) under “Chat Instructions.”
  5. If you want to modify your profile information (name, title, division), you will need to ask our office to make this change.
  6. You can greet students with your profile picture by uploading it under “Account”–>”Personal Profile.”
  7. The “Expected Chat Time per Student” has been set to 15 minutes, which is the same for all representatives participating in the event.
  8. Set your Status to “Online.”
  9. Start your video meeting using the video link that you provided in “Chat Instructions” and keep your video meeting running for the entire length of the fair. Make sure you have two browser windows open side-by-side, one for your video meeting and another one for connectSC, so you can see your chat timer.
  10. If your “Alternate Chat Instructions” include a phone number, make sure to have your phone handy in the event a student experiences technical difficulties.
  11. When the fair starts, you will see students lining up in your queue.
  12. Select the student at the top of the list, unless the student is already video chatting with another representative from your organization. It may take a couple of minutes for a student to join your video chat.
  13. Once you have started to video chat with a student, watch the timer which will count down from 15 minutes to zero. When time is up, you will see an alert and hear a “ping” sound.
  14. When you are done, click “End Chat” in connectSC, and “Dismiss Attendee” in your video meeting. This enables you to keep your video meeting running, ensuring no overlap between students.
  15. You can mark the student as a candidate you are “Interested” or “Not Interested” in, and take notes. This information is not shared with the student.
  16. If you need to step away for a short break, set your “Status” to “Busy.” Students can continue to join your queue.
  17. If you need to take a longer break and no other representatives from your organization are online, then set your “Status” to “Offline.” Students will be notified that you are no longer online and will likely leave your queue. The system will automatically send you resumes of students who were in line, but did not have a chance to connect with you.
  18. If you select students who are busy chatting with another organization, you will not be able to select them, but they will stay in your queue for later conversations.
  19. When the event is over, you can filter students by “Overall Feedback” and download resumes.
  20. Before or during the event, you can generate interest in your organization by inviting students to video chat with you. Go to the “All RSVP’d Students” tab, use “Advanced Search” to find students of interest, select them and use “Mail To”–>”Invite to Chat.” There is a default template which you can customize.