Trojan Network

Participate in the Trojans to Trojans (T2T) Initiative, designed to help new grads and current students connect with USC alumni who are eager to provide you with career advice. The Trojan Network, USC’s exclusive mentorship and networking platform, makes networking within the Trojan Family easier than ever!

As an alum, the Trojan Network allows you to:

  • Share your experience and insight with other members of the Trojan community.
  • Connect with USC alumni and students who ask to connect with you. Participate as much or little as you wish – whether it’s answering one question per month or establishing an ongoing mentor connection with a student or fellow alum.
  • Seek help from other USC alumni who offer their own career and life wisdom.
  • Post on the Discussion Board to engage in career related discussions. Leave a comment, ask a question, link to a favorite article, or share emerging industry insights and trends.
  • Offer short-term projects* to students

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As a student, the Trojan Network allows you to:

  • Connect with USC alumni and students to expand your network.
  • Post on the Discussion Board to engage in career related discussions. Ask a question and let Trojans know how to help you!
  • Explore available jobs, internships, and experiential learning projects shared by Trojans.
  • Find a mentor and gain valuable career advice specific to your field.
  • Sharpen your skills and gain experience through short-term projects* posted by alumni.

* What do these short-term projects look like?

  • Goal: A project should include a professional, resume-building experience along with directed mentorship; the platform suggests projects such as analyzing data, designing logos/websites, and SEO analysis, or you can submit a custom project.
  • Duration: Projects last between 2 – 8 weeks in length during the semester and approximately 10 – 20 hours per week.
  • Mentorship: Alumni will serve as supervisors and mentors, offering guidance and advice throughout the project.
  • Compliance:
    • If this is an unpaid project, the alum must acknowledge that the project meets the requirements of an unpaid internship, as outlined on the Department of Labor Fact Sheet. Unpaid projects should be for the educational benefit of the student.
    • If this is a paid project, the alum is responsible for any necessary agreements between the alum and the student.
    • Please check with your HR/Legal departments to clarify these guidelines, including prevailing minimum wages, independent contractor versus employee status, etc.
  • Payment: Compensation will be determined in advance.  If a project is paid, the alum is responsible for arranging payment with the student. The alum is responsible for any necessary tax documents.