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Resume/Cover Letter

Resume Writing 101: How to Format Your Resume

Need help writing your resume? This video demonstrates how to format your resume section by section.

Resume Writing 101: How to Write Strong Bullet Points

Unsure how to market yourself on your resume? Watch this video on how to write strong resume bullet points.

How to Format Your Cover Letter

Confused about what a cover letter is? Watch this video to find out more.

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Consider reviewing these videos to implement key strategies as you prepare to apply for an internship.

Getting Started

Applying for an Internship

Searching for Internships

Staying Organized

Interview Tips

Reviewing the Internship Process

USC Career Center’s Summer Programs

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On-Campus Recruiting

A Guide to On-Campus Recruiting

Want to take advantage of our On-Campus Recruiting (OCR) Program? Watch this video to learn about the steps to take part in the process.

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Trojan Talks

Trojan Talks 101

Want to learn more about employers and their organizations? Watch this video to find out how – be on the lookout for Trojan Talks throughout the year.

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Career Fair Success

Before the Career Fair

Watch this video to find out how to prepare for the career fair.

During the Career Fair

Watch this video for tips on what to do during the career fair.

After the Career Fair

Watch this video for tips on what to do after the career fair.

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Interviewing 101 (via Candid Careers)

Explore ways to make the best impression during a one-on-one interview.

Behavioral Interviewing (via Candid Careers)

Making the most of behavioral interviewing.

Virtual Interviewing

Learn how to nail the video interview.

Informational Interviewing (via Candid Careers)

What you need to know about setting up and conducting an informational interview.

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Demystifying Networking

Watch these videos to understand why networking is important.

Elevator Pitches That Leave A Lasting Impression (via USC Office of International Services and American Language Institute)

The USC Office of International Services presents “Elevator Pitches That Leave A Lasting Impression,” led by Kimberley Briesch Sumner.

30-Second Elevator Pitch (via Candid Careers)

Learn how to introduce yourself in 30-seconds or less during career fairs and other networking events.

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Time and time again, employers use LinkedIn as a top resource to find potential candidates for jobs. It’s important to build your online presence so professionals can connect with you long-term.

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