Student Filming Request

The USC Career Center supports the educational process for developing film producers. We have established the following guidelines, which must be observed during student filming:

  1. All student shoots must be course related.
  2. Requests to film in the Career Center must be made at least two weeks prior to the shoot date.
  3. The Career Center charges $25 per hour for administrative support.
  4. Payment for the full reservation amount is due at least three business days prior to the film date. If payment is not received by this date, the reservation will be canceled.
  5. A designated location manager must be on-site at all times while the production is working within the Career Center. The location manager’s contact information must be provided to the USC Career Center.
  6. If the cast and crew are 15 or more, a Department of Public Safety (DPS) officer must be on hand. It is the production team’s responsibility to schedule an officer. The phone number for DPS is 213-740-6000. Filming will not be permitted without a DPS officer.
  7. All production staff and all equipment must be out of the building by the time stated on the Location Release Form.
  8. A Career Center student liaison must be on site for all productions.

Locations and Times

Shoots must be scheduled outside the normal operations hours of the Career Center. Operational hours are as follows, Monday to Friday from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM. All productions must vacate the building at the agreed upon scheduled end time. There are no exceptions to this agreement. If additional time is needed, it must be coordinated for another date and time with the Career Center.

The following locations are available in the Career Center:

  1. STU 110 Lobby
  2. STU B1 Lobby and general public spaces

Additional Notes

  1. A Student Production Office Location Release Form must be submitted for signature. The use of a Career Center location should not be considered approved until the form is signed by authorized Career Center personnel.
  2. Electrical – maximum 1K per circuit; all cords crossing pathways must be taped down.
  3. The Career Center should be left as it was found.
  4. Camera dollies, smoke and smoke effects are prohibited.
  5. Set dressing should be kept to a minimum and is subject to approval.
  6. Items cannot be removed or moved from any space in the Career Center.
  7. Personal offices are off limits for film requests. Only general spaces are permissible.
  8. The production will be charged for the repair of any damage incurred.
  9. Safety First! Unsafe productions will not be permitted.

If you can operate within these guidelines, please submit our online form to begin the approval process.

Commercial filming requests can be made by contacting the USC Campus Filming Office.

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