Trojan Talks

What is a Trojan Talk?

Regardless of your class or major, Trojan Talks are a great way to explore an organization or an industry. You do not need to know all about an organization to attend a Trojan Talk. In fact, employers are there to introduce themselves to you and get you excited about their organization. Providing insight on such topics as open positions and organizational culture, they can also help you prepare for an upcoming interview. Every year, the Career Center facilitates hundreds of Trojan Talks on or near campus, often in conjunction with On-Campus Recruiting (OCR) or Career Fairs.

The insights gained at a Trojan Talk can prove very valuable down the road, from demonstrating your interest to gaining a valuable new contact.

What Should I Expect?

Trojan Talks are typically one to two hours long and are organization-specific. Common topics include:

  • Insight into organizational culture
  • What the organization is seeking in new hires
  • Details on the recruiting process
  • Information about open positions

How Do I Get the Most Out of a Trojan Talk?

RSVP: If the option is available, make sure to RSVP on connectSC prior to attending. It is also important to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time of the event. Arriving early with an RSVP prioritizes your entrance to the event if it reaches capacity.

Prepare: A little preparation can make you stand out. Check out the organization’s website. Many organizations will have a section on internships or college recruiting. Familiarize yourself with programs that interest you. To see if you qualify for any of the open positions, look into the opportunities for the organization that currently exist in connectSC.

Take Notes: Organizations provide this opportunity to share details about the organization, any open positions, as well as their culture. In addition, they should give you an idea of what you can expect from their recruiting process, the interview itself, and next steps.

Ask Questions: At the end of the organization’s presentation, the employers will inevitably ask, “Any questions?” If you have a good question, do not be shy! Chances are someone else is wondering the same thing you are.

How Do I Find an Upcoming Trojan Talk?

Visit our events page to see a complete list.