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The On-Campus Recruiting (OCR) Program provides students the opportunity to interview with organizations from diverse industries during the fall and spring semesters at the Career Center for full-time salaried, and/or paid, structured internship positions.


Undergraduate and graduate students currently enrolled in a degree program at USC are eligible to participate. Alumni are not eligible. An exception is made for December graduates, who are able to participate during the spring semester following their graduation.

To participate in On-Campus Recruiting, review and submit a Professional Integrity Contract.

When Does OCR Begin?

Fall 2018 Dates
August 29 – November 16, 2018

Spring 2019 Dates
January 22 – April 12, 2019

NOTE: Trojan Talks and other recruiting-related events may take place earlier in the semester. Trojan Talks are information/networking sessions typically 1 – 2 hours, hosted by organizations to inform students on their company culture and career opportunities. Please check our upcoming events for details.

Who Recruits at USC

Top organizations within business, technology, fashion/retail, consumer products, and nonprofit recruit through OCR. View a list of companies that have recruited at USC.

Getting Started

  1. Create a connectSC account.
  2. Review connectSC’s Professional Integrity Contract for the policies you must abide by during your participation.
  3. Upload your resume into connectSC under the “Documents” tab. You can also upload other employment-related documents, such as cover letters and unofficial transcripts. Be sure to select an appropriate “Default” resume.
  4. Meet with a career counselor or internship advisor for help with your resume or cover letter during drop-in hours.
Make sure that your profile is up-to-date and accurate. Falsifying information will result in account suspension.

Searching for Jobs/Internships within OCR

  1. Go to “Jobs and Internships” –> “Discover” –> “See all jobs” –> “All Jobs and Interviews” and select one of the following:
    • Interviews I Qualify For: This search will only display qualified interview schedules.
    • All Interviews: This search will display all OCR opportunities, both qualifying and non-qualifying.
  2. Screening Criteria: All interview schedules are restricted by the following criteria: major, graduation date, degree, and work authorization. You will need to meet all of these requirements to be able to apply.
  3. Review this section often as new schedules will become available throughout the semester.
NOTE: Organizations that have selected both, “Yes, now or in the future may require visa sponsorship” and “No, does not need visa sponsorship” will hire students who may now or in the future require employment visa sponsorship, along with those students that do not need sponsorship.

 Applying for Positions

  1. Review the “How to Apply” section for additional application instructions, such as applying through a company website or instructions on submitting documents.
  2. Submit an application by clicking “Apply.” You will then be directed to submit the required files from your “Documents.”
  3. Applicants that do not qualify for a position, but have the desired skills/experience listed in the job description, are encouraged to email the contact listed in the schedule a brief introduction along with a resume and cover letter.  If the recruiter is interested in adding the applicant to the schedule they will contact the Employer Relations and Research team.
  4. To update a previously submitted document go to “Interviews” –> “Requested Interviews” –> click the three dots on the right, next to the position and select “Withdraw.”
NOTE: Applications can only be withdrawn during the resume submission period.

Reviewing Your Application Status

  1. Applicants will be notified of their statuses under the “Interviews” tab:
    • Invited: Selected for an interview and must sign up during the preselection sign-up period and before the alternate sign-up date to guarantee an interview time slot.
    • Alternate: Selected as a backup and is not guaranteed an interview time slot. Alternates can only sign up during the alternate sign-up period.
    • Not Invited: Unfortunately, the applicant has not been selected for an interview.
  2. Schedule an Interview: Go to “Schedule Interview” and select an available time slot that fits your schedule.
  3. Decline an Interview: Go to “Decline Interview” to notify us that you are no longer interested in interviewing for this position. This will allow another student to sign up for the available time slot.
  4. Cancel an Interview: Go to “Cancel.” Cancellations received after the cancellation deadline will be marked as a no-show and access to OCR/connectSC will be removed.
    NOTE: For more information about cancelling an interview or our No-Show policy, check out the OCR FAQs.

Before, During, and After Your Interview

  1. Trojan Talks: Attend a Trojan Talk to learn more about a company and meet some of their key employees.
    NOTE: Resumes of students that attend a Trojan Talk will be sent to the employer. Please make sure to update your default resume in connectSC.
  2. Mock Interviews: Use the mock interview module of connectSC to prepare for your upcoming interview. Video record yourself answering interview questions and get feedback on how to improve your interview skills.
  3. Prepare for your interview.
    • Arrive at least 10 minutes early before your interview in professional attire (two-piece matching suit).
  4. Interviews are conducted at various locations. Review the “Interview Location” section of the schedule for details.
    • Career Center, Student Union Building (STU), Lower Level Room B1.
    • Viterbi School of Engineering Career Services, Ronald Tutor Hall (RTH), Room 218.
    • Vera and Peter Dauterive Hall, LL105/106 Interview Suites
  5. Write a thank-you email after each interview to each interviewer.

Evaluating an Offer

Congratulations on reaching this point in the hiring process!

  1. Evaluate and Negotiate an Offer.
  2. Review the Job Offer Policies & Guidelines.
  3. Meet with a career counselor or internship adviser during drop-in hours or schedule an appointment.
NOTE: Upon accepting an offer, please remove yourself from all interviews for which you have previously signed up. You are still subject to the policies listed in the Professional Integrity Contract.

For additional assistance, visit our Interview Center located in the Student Union Building, Room B1, call (213) 740-9105, or email

Please note, Engineering On-Campus Recruiting is facilitated by Viterbi Career Services through the Viterbi Career Gateway.

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