Career and Internship Connections (CIC)


The USC Career Center is a member of the Career and Internship Connections (CIC). Established in 1998, the CIC is a 18-school consortium that holds annual job and internship fairs in New York.

These off-campus career and interview fairs are typically scheduled during winter break, so you have the time to travel to the cities in which you might be interested. Make sure that you are able to cover the costs of your travel and lodging, and apply to the CIC Travel Fund. Register, upload your resume, and APPLY for positions by the deadline.

Register and view the participating organizations.

2019 CIC Career Fair Dates:

  • Tuesday, January 8, 2019 – New York, NY

Register Now

Registering for the events early means you will get updated information on the events, employers and jobs posted. You can also create search agents to send you postings in particular cities and/or fields, follow employers and events to get notifications and updates, and a host of other Handshake platform features.

How to Register for the CICs:

  1. Go to:
  2. Click “Career and Internship Connection Consortium Sign On.”
  3. Click “Need an account” and create a Student account using your college-assigned email address. Registrations without a college email address will be declined.
  4. Wait for your account approval notification in your inbox (processed at least once a day during regular business days).
  5. YOU NEED TO HAVE “CAREER AND INTERNSHIP CONNECTION” LISTED AS YOUR PRIMARY EDUCATION in order to apply for positions! Do not remove this education on your profile. Under this, you will need to select the college you attend under “College” and enter your GPA and the closest thing to your academic majors. As we serve 18 colleges, we do not have every major in the system, so find the closest.  Your applications will be evaluated more on your resume than your profile. Failure to have this listed on your profile will prevent you from being able to apply to interviews and postings.
  6. RSVP to the events under the “Fairs” listings.
  7. Apply for interview consideration by searching the jobs posted to the Handshake system.
  8. As long as you have the CIC listed as your primary education, you will still be able to add in your other college information into your educational record, it just will not be your primary education.

Get more information and access the Frequently Asked Questions.

Apply for the CIC Travel Fund

The CIC Travel Fund is a unique opportunity for USC students who participate in one or more of the CIC events. This program supports students’ interest in exploring opportunities outside of the Southern California area, specifically in New York City. Students will be selected through an application process. The program awards $200 to two selected students to help cover their travel costs.

Selection Process

Students will be selected based on their application. The CIC Travel Fund will be awarded upon returning from the CIC events. There is no minimum GPA requirement. Students will be notified via email by Friday, February 1, 2019 if they are a CIC scholarship recipient.


  • Maintains good academic standing
  • Currently enrolled in a degree program at USC
  • Graduation date between May 2019 – May 2020
  • Registers and is selected to interview at a CIC event

Application Process

Applications and supporting materials must be completed and submitted by 12:00 pm on January 18, 2019. All students must complete the following application process:

  • Complete an online application form
  • One paragraph explaining how attending the CIC events has helped in pursuing their career goals upon graduation
  • Names of companies with whom they met and positions which they applied
  • CIC attendance confirmation email
  • Proof or airfare and/or hotel stay


Contact Erika Rodriguez at (213) 740-9647.
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