USC Dream Dollars Scholarship

The USC Dream Dollars Scholarship is a unique award for USC undergraduate students who secure unpaid summer internships with a non-profit or government organization. This program supports students interested in gaining work experience from an unpaid internship. Students will be selected through an application and interview process. All internships must be a minimum of six weeks. The program awards a $1,500 scholarship to selected students.

Student Testimonials

Working at Oregon Health & Sciences University has ignited in me a stronger passion for scientific inquiry, and the Dream Dollars Program supported me this summer financially. Because of the generous stipend, I was able to dedicate eight-hour days, five days a week for the majority of my summer to gaining unparalleled experiences in the STEM field in a professional setting. I now understand what the rigorous field expects from me. Although I do not plan on going into research, I still plan on pursuing a career in the sciences as a doctor, more specifically, a neurosurgeon. But what I have learned during my internship this year is the engine for my future in the medical field.  The USC Dream Dollars Program has allowed me to dedicate all of my time and energy to an internship that has deeply impacted both my academic life and character. This program will continue to provide opportunities for students that will touch their lives and help discover the things they love.

-Joanne; Major: Neuroscience; Class of 2021

This scholarship allowed me to take full advantage of this internship by helping me to better focus on my projects, assignments, and learning experiences. This summer allowed me to obtain real life professional experience through web development, managing multiple projects within a time constraint, and collaboration between different teams within the Enterprise Business Solutions group. Interning at the Department of the Treasury has made my goal of working in the public sector much more tangible.

-Juan; Major: Electrical Engineering; Class of 2020


The USC Dream Dollars Scholarship provides students the financial opportunity to explore career options within non-profit and government fields. Students will have the chance to gain professional development experience for at least six weeks during the summer.

Eligibility for Summer 2021 Awards

  • Maintain good academic standing
  • Currently enrolled in an undergraduate degree program at USC
  • Former USC Dream Dollar recipients are not eligible
  • If you receive additional USC summer awards from research grants, foundations, or scholarships, you will not be eligible to participate
  • Graduation date must be between December 2021 – May 2024
  • Secure an unpaid internship by 12:00 pm PST on Friday, April 16, 2021 (can include fee-based virtual internships)
  • Must have written proof of internship, including supervisor name/contact information
  • Must work at least six weeks at a non-profit or government agency

Application Process

All application materials must be received by 12:00 pm PST on April 16, 2021.

Please complete a two-step application process:

  1. Complete an Online Application – Available in July 2020
  2. Submit Supplemental Documents within connectSC, Job ID# 214826
    • Current Resume
    • STARS Report (Available on OASIS)
    • Personal Essay: a one-page, single spaced (one-inch margins) narrative explaining your current academic program, why you are interested in the USC Dream Dollars Scholarship, and how you think this internship experience will enhance your undergraduate experience and have an impact on your future. Essay must be typed in no smaller than 10-point font.
    • Copy of your internship job description from your organization or supervisor
    • Sample budget for how the scholarship will be utilized

Selection Process

Students will be selected based on their application and interview. There is no minimum GPA requirement. Students are expected to demonstrate strong written and verbal communication skills.


Contact us if you need assistance finding an internship.

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