Trojan Talks

What is a Trojan Talk?

Regardless of your class level, degree, or major, Trojan Talks (information sessions) are a great way to explore an organization or an industry. You do not need to know all about an organization to attend a Trojan Talk. In fact, employers are there to introduce themselves and get you excited about their organization. Trojan Talks provide insight on topics such as open positions and organization culture, in addition to helping you prepare for their interview process. Every year, the Career Center facilitates hundreds of virtual and in-person Trojan Talks, often in conjunction with On-Campus Recruiting (OCR) and Career Fairs.

The insights gained at a Trojan Talk can prove very valuable down the road, allowing you to demonstrate your interest to recruiters as well as giving you an opportunity to network and connect with professionals.

To get started, view this short video:

What Should I Expect?

Trojan Talks are typically one to two hours long and are organization-specific. Common topics include:

  • Insight into organization culture
  • Qualifications of new hires
  • Details on the recruiting process
  • Information about open positions

How Do I Get the Most Out of a Trojan Talk?

RSVP: Go to connectSC and click on “Events.” Once you are directed to the page, click on “Type,” and select “Trojan Talks” to review the list of upcoming sessions. All students interested in attending must RSVP.

Once you’ve identified an event you would like to attend, click on the event title, view the description and click on “Attend.” An employer may also have their own registration process you must complete prior to attending their session. It is important to register at least two days before to the event date to receive URL information for any virtual sessions.

Prepare: A little preparation can make you stand out. Review the organization’s website, especially their “About Us,” “Services,” and “Careers” pages. Familiarize yourself with the programs that interest you. We recommend dressing in business casual or interview attire during the event. Many organizations go over information about their full-time and internships roles and their college recruiting timeline. To see if you qualify for any of their open positions, explore their opportunities in connectSC.

Academic/Class Conflicts: You should avoid missing class to attend a Trojan Talk or other recruitment events. You should coordinate with your professor if any absences are unavoidable.

During the Event: Approach interactions with employers and alumni with care and professionalism. Turn off cell phones during a Trojan Talk and provide your full attention to the speaker. If virtual, have you camera on and engage with the employers.

Take Notes: Employers will share details about their organization, any open positions, as well as their work culture. In addition, they will give you insights into what you can expect from their recruiting process, the interview itself, and next steps.

Ask Questions: At the end of the organization’s presentation, the employers will inevitably ask, “Any questions?” If you have a question, do not be shy! Chances are someone else is wondering the same thing you are.

How Do I View a Recorded Trojan Talk?

Visit our YouTube page for previously recorded events. Note: Not all sessions are able to be recorded.