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The Trojan Network is USC’s interactive online networking and mentoring platform to share career and industry information. Created to engage USC alumni and students, the Trojan Network helps you launch your next career move and/or make a successful career transition. Create an account today to explore Trojan Network’s resources and connect with Trojans worldwide.

Once you complete sign-up, you will be able to:

  • Connect with USC alumni and students who ask to connect with you and offer career advice. Participate as much or little as you wish – whether it’s answering one question per month or establishing an ongoing mentor connection with a student or fellow alum.
  • Seek help from other USC alumni who offer their own career and life wisdom. Find Trojans at all life stages and career levels, in various industries and with diverse personal backgrounds.
  • Looking for your next role? Search jobs on the job board and connect with others in the community who have previous or current roles within the organization.
  • Post on the Discussion Board to engage in career related discussions. Leave a comment, ask a question, link to a favorite article, or share emerging industry insights and trends.
  • Offer short-term projects to students.
  • Receive quarterly newsletters with key updates from the Trojan Network, USC Alumni Association, and USC Career Center.

Finding Trojans

Filter the alumni directory by help topic(s), location, USC Degree, and more to help you find alumni who can help you along your career journey. Alumni are available for informational interviews, for cover letter and resume review, for job shadowing and more. Enhance your searches by combining the different filter selections!


Mentorship Opportunities 

Informal mentorships frequently happen organically. A mentor may connect one time to review a student’s resume or share their job experience. These relationships may evolve into deeper longer lasting professional connections, or the interaction could simply be a one-time occurrence. Informational interviews, resume reviews, or simple Q&A sessions are all examples of informal mentorship.

Formal mentorships are more structured programs where alumni and students are paired together with intention. They require regular check-ins and work together through shared goals. If you are interested in a formal mentoring opportunity, here are a few of our current programs available on USC’s Trojan Network.

First-Generation Mentor Program

The First-Generation Mentor Program focuses on students’ professional and career development by pairing them with USC alumni who were also first-generation college students. Our goal of the First-Generation Mentor Program is to provide first-generation students the knowledge, confidence, and tools to grow their network and advance in their career endeavors through alumni mentorship.

Objectives for Mentors:

  • Proactively connect at least once a month and commit to expectations set with mentee (reach out should be initiated by the mentee however you can always encourage/remind the student)
  • Serve as coaches to current USC students about navigating their University and Career path through firsthand advice. Listen with respect and openness.
  • Use personal and professional experiences as a first-generation college student to support and provide insight into resources, career exploration, and professional development
  • Help students develop their professional skills such as resume and cover letter writing, elevator pitch, and interview and communication etiquette

Student Impact
The mentor-mentee relationship that is fostered throughout the First-Generation Mentor Program gives students the opportunity to learn from someone with whom they can connect with and provides mentors the opportunity to share their insight and advice to ensure student success. Building a meaningful mentor-mentee relationship has proven to be greatly beneficial to our participating students and below are some of the ways our students have defined a strong mentorship:

  • “A relationship where we can extend beyond simply educational or professional talk and even just be a shoulder to lean on and help when the other needs it most. It is all about understanding and willingness.”
  • “One where the mentee is able to open up and share insecurities and honest questions with the mentor who can respond with honest responses.”
  • “Two-sided relationship where both mentors and mentees are learning and growing together.”
  • “A strong mentor-mentee relationship is one wherein both parties can be open with one another. There is of course respect between parties , but breaking past a filter and speaking in a heart-to-heart is one that I consider as a strong relationship.”
  • “When you can talk comfortably with each other and share experiences and ideas with each other.”

The USC Dornsife Economics & Alumni Mentorship Program

Provides Dornsife students the opportunity to connect with a Dornsife alum to support career exploration, job shadowing, and networking opportunities.

Price Professional Mentorship Program

 Provides undergraduate or graduate students the opportunity to be paired with Price alumni to assist them in developing the professional, interpersonal, and networking skills critical to their career success.