On-Campus Recruiting Program Guide for Employers

For more information on how to participate in the On-Campus Recruiting (OCR) Program, follow these instructions:


If you do not have a connectSC account, click the “SIGN UP” button.

  • Once your connectSC profile is completed and account approved, you can submit an interview schedule via the OCR tab to conduct virtual or in-person interviews.
  • Click on “OCR” → “Schedules” → “Request a Schedule.”


connectSC gives you an opportunity to select a specific recruiting model tailored to your organization’s needs:

Preselect to Alternate: If you are looking for assistance with the recruiting process and would like connectSC to manage the interview schedule for you, this is the preferred model. You choose the interview date, add the job descriptions, collect resumes, review and select the candidates, and the system will schedule these interviews for you. You can use video platform systems, such as Zoom or Skype, to conduct your virtual interviews or use our interview rooms for in-person recruiting.

  • Invite Candidates: The Preselect to Alternate model allows the system to manage the interview schedules for you. It is important to keep in mind that the OCR schedule is time-sensitive. Once the resume submission deadline passes, you will gain access to reviewing the submitted resumes and selecting the candidates you would like to interview. It is important that you make your candidate selections by the “Employer Select End Date.” Once students have signed up for the time slots, you can connect with the Employer Engagement team to assist you in filling any potential gaps. It is also important to select “Alternate Candidates” to provide other interested students the opportunity to sign up for any remaining slots.

Resume Collect: If you are looking to test the interest of the candidate pool and are not ready to commit to an interview date, this option will allow you to collect resumes in the system. If you decide afterwards you would like to use connectSC to schedule these interviews, we can easily convert this model to a “Preselect to Alternate” schedule. You can also connect with the candidates directly to set up an interview date and time outside our office that works best for the candidate and the recruiting team.

Room Reservation Only: If you would like to reserve an interview room at the Career Center, and have the ability to build and manage the interview schedule yourself outside of connectSC, this will be the best option. You do not have to attach a job description to this model. We recommend you email a copy of your final schedule at least one business day prior to your interview date. You can only interview USC students and alumni in our interview space.

* Third-party recruiters may participate if recruiting for your own organization and not on behalf of other employers.

** If your organization is recruiting for both technical and non-technical roles, you are encouraged to participate in the Career Center’s OCR Program; technical and non-technical students recruit through our office.


As an employer that is new to the OCR Program at USC, it is important to give yourself adequate time to successfully prepare for the interviews:

  • Begin planning at least four to six weeks prior to the date you plan to conduct the interviews on campus.
  • During those weeks, take the following actions:
    • Select the preferred OCR model and submit a request through connectSC
    • Post opportunities through the OCR section
    • Accumulate resumes online and review the applications
    • Select candidates you would like to interview
    • Provide candidates an opportunity to select interview slots

If you have any questions prior to submitting a request in connectSC, you can connect with the Employer Engagement team to help guide you through this process.