connectSC User Guide

Find information to help guide you through the connectSC platform and get the most value from this essential job and internship search tool.


Logging In

Log into connectSC by using your USC NetID (which is the first part of your email address) and USC password.

From the homepage you can view recommended events, announcements, jobs, and shortcuts to important resources. You can also get to all other aspects of the system from the navigation bar at the top of the page.

My Account

It is very important that you first review your “My Account” information to ensure all the data is up-to-date (in particular class year, degree, graduation date, major, and work authorization). If these fields are not correct, you may be blocked from applying to some positions for which you are eligible. Be sure to complete the “Personal,”  “Academic,” “Privacy,” and “Emails & Notifications” sections of your account.


Within the “Privacy Setting” box, you will find the option to be included in the Resume Book feature and to receive text message alerts.


Emails & Notifications

The “Emails & Notifications” box will allows you to opt into a number of email alerts and resources. Having this feature turned on will keep you informed of upcoming career events, including job and internship application deadlines.

Career Interests

Under the “Academic Profile” box, ” fill out the “Career Interests” section to indicate the types of jobs, functions, industries, and locations you are interested in pursuing. These career interests will allow the platform to recommend related jobs in the system.

Requesting an Appointment with a Career Advisor

You may request, reschedule, or cancel an in-person or virtual advising appointment. Under the “Counseling” tab, click  the “Request New Appointment” button to request an advising appointment.

Set your scheduling criteria using the available fields. It is important that you select an appointment type under the “Type” section and then click on “Check Availability.”  For the most accurate results, it is recommended to start with the broadest date and time range and narrow it down as needed.

Once criteria is selected, available appointments will populate on the right-hand side. Select the one that works best for you.

A “Confirm Appointment” page will show. Complete the required fields, and click “Submit Request.” Your appointment request will be sent to the Career Advisor. Once approved, it will be listed as an approved appointment under the “Advising Appointment” tab.

My Documents

Under “My Documents,” you can upload all of your application materials, including resume, cover letters, and transcripts. Note that you may also add your application documents for a specific position when applying to an opportunity through the “Jobs” section, as discussed below. Choose “Add New” to upload your documents.

Name your document under “Label,” select the “Document Type,” and then click “Choose File” to find and upload the document. Click “Submit” to complete the process.

Search the Employer Directory

Under the “Employers” tab, you can search for employers by name, geographic location, or industry to find recruiter contact information. You can also designate favorites by clicking the star icon on the listing. This is a database of all employers and contacts in the system, not just those with currently open positions.

Search for Internships or Full-Time Opportunities

In the “Jobs ” tab, you can search and apply to open positions, designate favorite jobs, and set up job alerts. On the initial screen, you will see latest jobs, jobs expiring soon, and trending jobs in the system. Click on the drop down menu options under the search bar to explore additional criteria.

Some positions in connectSC are posted directly by the employer, while others are posted as part of the On-Campus Recruiting Program. You can designate the types of positions you want to view by clicking on the drop-down arrow “Show Me.” This will show the following options: “All Jobs & Interviews,” “All Interviews,” “All Job Listings,” and “Interviews I Qualify For.” This next section discusses each of these options with specific instructions.

Employer-Direct Job Postings (Internship, Part-time and Post-Graduate Positions)

These positions are posted directly by employers in the system and are not part of the On-Campus Recruiting Program. This is the largest group of positions in the system during any given time and includes opportunities across all interest areas. In the initial search, you can filter positions by keyword, location, position type, industry, and job function. Utilize the “More Filters” option to filter by additional criteria, including posting date and deadline. You can also search for “Trojans Hiring Trojans” in the system, which indicates employer contacts who are alums of USC.

After running a search in the system, you can create a job alert to receive emails when positions are posted that meet your designated criteria by clicking the “Create Job Alert” button.

Click on a job listing to see more details about the position, as well as find instructions on how to apply by clicking the “Apply” button. If the employer is taking application materials directly through connectSC, you’ll see a pop-up box that prompts you to select your application documents. If you have not already uploaded your materials under the documents section, you can simply select “Add New” to find and upload your relevant documents for this position.

On-Campus Recruiting (OCR) Program

Applying to Positions

It is highly recommended that students review information on the Career Center website regarding the On-Campus Recruiting Program before applying to positions.  Select the option for “All Interviews” to view positions recruiting through this program.

If you see a note that you are not qualified for a position, it may be that it is a position recruiting for a different class year, major, or a specific work authorization. Please ensure your “My Account” data is correct.

After you apply to an OCR opportunity, it will show as a “Requested Interview” with a “Pending” status under the “My Interviews” section.

Selected for an Interview

If the employer selects you for an interview, the “Requested Interview” in the “My Interviews” section will show a status of “Invited.” To sign up for an interview time slot with that employer, click on the 3-dots within the job result, and then select the “Schedule Interview” option from the pop-up box. The 3-dots will also show the option to decline the interview.

After selecting “Schedule Interview,” a pop-up box will appear prompting you to select an available date and interview time. This will also list your submitted documents from your application. Click the “Submit” button to schedule your interview time slot.

After confirming your interview time, your interview will show up under “Scheduled Interviews” in “My Interviews.”

By clicking on the 3-dots for the scheduled interview, you can add the interview to your calendar, as well as view your interview materials. Click on the interview date to view the interview details.

Document Library

Housed under the “Resources” tab, the “Online Resources and Handouts” section provides you with many important resources, including access codes for external sites.

View and Sign Up for Career Events

Under the “Events” tab, students can sign up to attend Career FairsTrojan Talks, and workshops. New career events are added daily, so be sure to check back often for additional opportunities!

Student Public Profile

The “Public Profile” tab allows you to create an enhanced career profile that can be published to employers and the greater public. The profile provides an opportunity to upload a personal photo and customize the profile URL, as well as input information for a personal statement, education, experience, projects, and skills. Along the right side of the profile, you may also include links to your social media accounts and personal websites. You may publish your profile using the toggle-switch in the upper right-hand corner of the profile. After doing so, you can share the custom profile URL (as listed in the profile header) on your social media accounts. Once the profile is public, you may also see statistics regarding the number of unique profile views within the past month.

Important Note: You should use discretion before publishing your profile. After switching the Publish toggle-switch to “On,” your profile can be viewed by employers logged into connectSC, as well as any other online user. You may “un-publish” your profile at any time by once again using the toggle switch in the upper right-hand corner of the profile.