Be Real World Ready

The USC Career Center has partnered with an online program to walk you through financial, healthcare, and career information. These online courses provide easy-to-understand videos on topics ranging from signing a lease, health insurance, and even registering to vote. Enroll for free to start learning! (Please use your USC email while signing up)

Personal Finance

This 30-minute course covers checking accounts, emergency savings, budgeting, building credit, credit cards, and investing.

Health Care

This 16-minute course covers how health insurance works, choosing a health care plan, finding doctors, and mental health and wellness.

Finding and Accepting the Offer

This 30-minute course covers job classifications, intro to employer benefits, decoding the offer letter, and negotiating the offer. Learn more about evaluating, negotiating, and accepting an offer.

Graduate School

This 7-minute course covers graduate school options and required testing. Visit the USC Office of Pre-Graduate School Advisement.

Leasing an Apartment

This 18-minute course covers preparing for the leasing process, navigating the leasing process, getting organized, and renters insurance.

Student Loans

This 16-minute course covers identifying your loans, getting organized, identifying your repayment options, and selecting a repayment plan. Visit the USC Financial Aid Office for more information.

Starting a New Job

This 20-minute course covers employer paperwork, employer health insurance, 401(k), and IRA.

Your First Year Out

This 18-minute course covers taxes, community engagement, registering to vote, and thriving in the workplace.

International Students

This 13-minute course covers health care, personal finance, and work eligibility and authorization. Learn more about resources for international students.