On-Campus Recruiting (OCR) Program FAQs

When does the On-Campus Recruiting Program begin?

Fall Recruiting Season: September 11 – November 17, 2017
Spring Recruiting Season: January 22 – April 13, 2018

NOTE: All students participating in OCR must review and adhere the policies included in the Professional Integrity Contract.

What are Trojan Talks?

Information/networking sessions typically 1 – 2 hours hosted by organizations to inform students on their company culture and career opportunities.  Trojan Talks are scheduled to begin the week of August 21.

To view a list of scheduled Trojan Talks and RSVP, log into connectSC –> Events tab –> Trojan Talks.

Who can participate?

Current students enrolled in a degree program. Alumni are not eligible to participate. An exception is made for December graduates; they are able to participate during the spring semester following their graduation.

Why am I not able to apply to an OCR position even though I meet all of the requirements?

Within each posting there is a section titled, “Screening Criteria.” This section will provide information on the reason(s) for not qualifying for the position. Applicants are screened based on their major, graduation date, and work authorization, therefore, it is important that students update their information in connectSC if they change majors and/or graduation date.

Can I change my profile to meet the requirements of a position?

No, students who falsify information in their profile to meet an employer’s screening criteria will be suspended from further participation of OCR and use of connectSC for six months.

How can I update a document already submitted to an OCR position?

Click on the “Jobs and Internships” tab –> My OCR Applications –> select the three dots on the right next to the position and click Withdraw.  Resubmit the application with the updated documents. Note: Applications can only be withdrawn during the resume submission period.  Once the resume deadline has passed, students are unable to withdraw their application.

I am an international student confused about work authorization.  How should I update my profile? Which employers offer visa sponsorship?

Students who require visa sponsorship must select “Yes, now or in the future may require employment visa sponsorship” under the Desired Work Authorization. This will allow them to be matched with positions in which the employer has indicated that the organization sponsors visas. Students who falsify this information to meet the screening criteria will be suspended from further participation of OCR and use of connectSC for six months.

Organizations that offer visa sponsorships would have selected both, “Yes, now or in the future may require employment visa sponsorship” and “No, will not require employment visa sponsorship.”

I am a double major – can I select multiple majors in connectSC?

Yes, students that are enrolled in multiple majors can select up to three majors.  The system will automatically screen positions based on all of the majors selected.

My major was not included in the screening criteria but I have the required skills for the position (e.g., Economics or Math majors with extensive experience in business). Can I still apply?

Unless undisclosed by the employer, the contact information should be visible within the job posting. Students can email their resume directly to the recruiter explaining why they are a good fit for the position.  If a recruiter is interested in adding the student to the list of applicants, the recruiter can reach out to the Employer Relations and Research team.

Where can I view my OCR activity?

All OCR activity is tracked in the “Interviews” section. This is also the section where selected students will sign up for interview times.

How will I know if I was selected for an interview?

Students selected as a preselect or alternate candidate will receive a system-generated email letting them know of their selection status. Students are also encouraged to log into connectSC and click on the “Interviews” tab on the first day signups begin to verify their status. The interview schedule timeline can be found within the job description.

Students will be selected as one of the following:

Preselect: Applicant has been selected for an interview. Must sign up during the preselection sign-up period and before the alternate sign-up period to guarantee their interview time slot.

Alternate: Applicant has been selected as a backup and is not guaranteed an interview time slot. Must sign up during the alternate sign-up period.

How do I cancel my interview?

You MUST cancel your interview at least 3 business days prior to the interview date or before the scheduled close date in order to avoid a “No-Show” status.

To cancel an interview:

Note: If an emergency arises and you need to cancel less than 3 business days prior to or on the day of the interview, you MUST notify us by phone at (213) 740-9105. You will still be given a “No-Show” status, but it allows us to inform the recruiter so he/she is aware of the situation.

What if I miss my interview or am a no-show?

If you cancel your interview less than 3 business days prior to your interview date or do not show up to your scheduled interview, you will be marked as a “No-Show” and suspended from further use of OCR/connectSC for six months. You are also required to send a personalized email of apology to the recruiter within 3 days of the scheduled No-Show interview, copying our On-Campus Recruiting Team.

Note: You are still required to attend all previously scheduled interviews after a No-Show status.

How do I find the recruiter’s contact information associated with the interview schedule?

Unless the recruiter has asked for us to exclude their contact information, their name and email address will always be displayed in the interview schedule on the right-hand side of the page under the screening criteria.

I am a student in a progressive degree looking for a summer internship. How can I apply to the internship opportunities within OCR?

Students in a progressive degree will most likely be unable to apply to internships due to their degree and graduation date. We highly encourage students to contact the recruiters directly explaining the reasons why they are unable to apply. If the recruiter allows the student to apply, they will contact the Employer Relations and Research team to manually add the students to their applicant list.