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Supervisors genuinely care about their student employees. They want their student employees to learn essential professional workplace skills and flourish in the work environment; however, most supervisors do not have the time to do a lot of training. This series solves that problem. Employers ask students to complete specific learning modules online and then turn them in – the same as a class assignment in college. The learning assignments are all ready to go.

Students Want Feedback and Guidance. Students want to understand organizational culture, expectations, and how to excel in their jobs and internships. 

Alumni Wished They Had Such A Program. We have all heard alumni say something like, “I wish I had known what the real world was like before my first job.” There is a steep learning curve in first-destination jobs. This series makes it much easier to succeed after graduation because students will already understand professional behavior and work expectations.

How It Works

Once the supervisor and student select the learning modules, students complete them based on their development schedule. The student completes the assignments during work hours, or the student and supervisor agree on an assignment schedule, and the student submits their work.

The modules are built for maximum flexibility so that they may be completed over a period of time. 

At the end of each module, there is a worksheet for the student to complete. This, in turn, is given to the supervisor for discussion with the student.

The steps:

  1. Students and supervisors review the learning modules and decide which ones they will complete as part of their student-staff professional development. They may select all of them or just those that are most relevant to the job.
  2. Due dates and deadlines are established by both the supervisor and the student.
  3. Students complete the learning modules per the deadline schedule and turn them into their supervisor.

What are the Benefits?

  1. The series gives supervisors a ready-made orientation and staff development process for their students.
  2. Supervisors receive ongoing information from students who document activities. This is very useful for managing workflow, performance evaluations, and updating job descriptions.
  3. The series creates many opportunities for supervisors to coach and advise their students.
  4. Students gain a deeper appreciation for work culture and how to think and act professionally.
  5. Students can make immediate adjustments and corrections on their job in real-time rather than waiting for formal evaluations.
  6. Students are introduced to professional expectations that employers say are very important.

 Suggestion: You may create badges or a certificate that a student can add to their resume to indicate professional preparation.

Departments could create a certificate that a student would receive after completing all the learning modules.

What are the Costs?

This series is complimentary and fully accessible by supervisors and students. The only cost is the time it takes students to complete the modules and meetings with their supervisors.

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