Your Vaccination Status Could Be the Next Essential Item on Your Resume

In September 2021, the Biden administration said all employers with 100 or more workers will have to start requiring employees to be vaccinated or at least tested weekly. As workplaces start to transition back to in-person environments, employers have been adhering to their vaccine policies when it comes to allowing existing employees to return as well as hiring new employees. In turn, employees around the country have been adapting to new company guidelines around being vaccinated, tested, and masked up.

According to, 69% of hiring managers are more likely to hire someone who has been vaccinated against COVID-19. Hiring managers will favor these candidates, because knowing their vaccination status will lead to less surprises further into the hiring process. Because of this, many job applicants are starting to put their vaccination statuses on their resumes and LinkedIn profiles. In some cases, applicants even spell out “fully vaccinated” before their job titles.

However, some legal experts state that it could be tricky for companies to ask for this sort of medical information from candidates since that could put those who choose not to get vaccinated for medical or religious reasons at a disadvantage. So, to avoid any sticky situations, hiring managers find it most beneficial if their candidates state their vaccination status on their resume.

President Biden’s COVID-19 Action Plan