Ace Your Interview with Big Interview

The email or phone call came in, finally – you got the interview!  Phew, right?  Now what? 

First: Respond to the email or call, thanking them for the opportunity and confirming date, time, interviewer name(s) and title(s), format, and setting (zoom, phone or in-person (yep, it’s back!)) details in writing. Remember, treat this interaction as part of the interview process. 

Second:  Prep and practice. And there’s no better way to do both than through Big Interview, a free 24-hour, confidential online service available to you as a USC student. Use Big Interview to:

  •  Answer ‘Tell me about yourself’, ‘strengths/weaknesses’, ‘why should I hire you?’ questions
  • Prepare for a technical interview, a behavior-based question, or case study
  • Make sure you’re keeping eye contact when you offer response

Big Interview gives you expert tips on how to answer typical and tough interview questions, as well as the chance to answer these questions. Your responses are recorded and timed, so you can see firsthand how you present yourself. And better yet, you can delete the responses you don’t like as often as you want, all from the comfort of your laptop!

So, whether you have hours or days to prepare for your interview, Big Interview is the one resource you won’t regret investing in.