Before You Get in Line at a Virtual Fair

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A virtual career fair is your opportunity to meet with employers recruiting for full-time, part-time, and paid internship opportunities. Review these tips on how to maximize your time at the event!

Do Your Research
Register for the event on Brazen, our virtual fair platform, with your email address. Log in before the event to see which organizations will be participating. Make a list of organizations in which you are interested and research them. Visit their websites, learn their latest news, and prepare questions. You can wait in up to three concurrent lines at a time, so make sure you prioritize the organizations with which you want to speak. Prepare a quick introduction of your skills and interests (i.e., your elevator pitch). Your preparation will become evident in your interaction with employers, and you will stand out.

Prepare for the Fair
Have your resume(s) ready in advance to upload and share with employer representatives. If you want to fine-tune it ahead of time, take advantage of our 24/7 virtual resume critiques powered by VMock.  Check your social media sites before the event. Given the nature of the internet, representatives can quickly search for your social media profiles while talking to you, so make sure that your profiles represent you favorably. Remember to check your privacy settings!

Dress to Impress
Employers have the option to invite you to chat via video, audio, or text. Wear professional attire for the video chats. Our overall suggestions include: dress in a dark or neutral color matching business suit, wear freshly pressed clothing and polished dress shoes, keep makeup as natural as possible, and avoid flashy or bright nail polish. It may seem odd to get dressed up to sit in front of a computer, but research shows that how you dress actually impacts how you think, so give yourself an edge by bringing your sartorial A-game.

Maximize Your Time
Your video/audio/text-based chats with representatives are timed 10-minute conversations. To best utilize your allotted time with each representative, make sure you have spent enough time researching the organizations, and do not wait in line for employers whose requirements you do not meet (e.g., tech students waiting in line for non-tech roles). The virtual fair platform allows you to filter the participating employers using various tags (full-time, internships, technical roles, master’s degree, etc.) to help connect you with the employers who meet your job search criteria. If lines are too long or you are unable to speak with an organization, be sure to drop off a note for the employer; your note will be delivered directly to the recruiter along with your resume. Do not forget that abbreviations (e.g., tbh, ofc, ty, etc.) are for texting, not for use in chatting with representatives! Lastly, set yourself up for audio and video chat success and test your set up in advance.

Send Thank-You Emails
Following the live event, keep the conversation going. Make sure to send thank-you emails after the fair to make a lasting impression!

We want to reassure you that while our physical location is closed, we are open – virtually – and all of our services and resources are available to you including advising, job and internship opportunities, programs and workshops, and resources. Our Career Advisors are fully available to you, and you can access our services online at any time. Contact us with any questions!

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