How to Make the Best of a Remote Working Arrangement

COVID-19 has forced many of us to work at home. If this is your first remote work experience, consider the following expert tips:

Designate a workspace in your home. If blurring the lines between work and home was a challenge for you in the past, the stakes are higher now.
Get up and move around! Research shows that a workday without breaks limits creativity, so put at least four, 15-minute breaks in your schedule and stick to it. Force yourself to leave your computer and phone for a stretch, walk, errand, or daydream.
Make sure to eat…well. It’s the perfect time to try that new recipe.
Learn Zoom etiquette. Don’t be the one that SNL highlighted last Saturday.
Be kind to yourself and others. When the family dog or kid interrupts your Zoom call, take a deep breath and smile. When your neighbor decides to blast a Led Zeppelin song while you are trying to write a press release, take a deep breath and maybe, just maybe sing-along for a moment. Then, put on your headphones and get back to work.

If your staff are now remote employees, remember that like you, they are most likely juggling a lot of new roles (remote worker, teacher, caregiver, etc.) in one location at once.

Lead by example. Be authentic. Check-in on how they are doing as a “whole person” as well as an employee. Demonstrating sincerity improves performance.
Structure matters. Schedule daily check-ins and provide staff with “rules of engagement.”
Personalize approaches. Treat each staff member uniquely; listen well and often so you can implement and constantly improve strategies for success.
Celebrate successes. Individually and in group sessions, let your team know it rocks despite current challenges.

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