Helpful Tips on Virtual Meeting Etiquette

With this new era of video conferencing and online meetings, many have found that there are a new set of guidelines to follow – things that we might not have needed to discuss in person, but are worth going over now that so many are working remotely from home.

Here are some suggestions, some from Zoom’s website, which will help you stay productive, connected, and not-embarrassed as much as possible while we discover the best ways to move through this new work and learning environment.

Use the video option when possible and try to look into the camera
The video option lets people see you and bottom-line, this is virtual communication. Looking into the camera will give the appearance of eye contact with whoever you’re talking to.

Don’t wear your pajamas
While wearing sweatpants all day, may be a perk from being remote, putting on something more professional-looking for your internship, class, or a meeting is probably a good idea. Plus, you might also find it makes you feel a little more “normal.”

Stage your video area
Keep in mind that people aren’t just seeing you, they’re also seeing whatever the camera is pointed at behind you. Make sure your camera isn’t facing towards dirty dishes on the counter or a pile of unfolded laundry.

Stay muted if you’re not talking, but stay focused
Background noise can be really distracting so if you aren’t sharing anything at the moment, go ahead and hit mute until you do. However, if there are just two of you in a virtual meeting, you don’t need to mute; use normal conversation etiquette and wait to speak until the other person is finished.

Don’t eat during the meeting
It can be a little gross to watch other people eat sometimes or listen to them chewing, for that matter. A glass of water or cup of coffee is fine, but don’t eat full meals during your meeting. If you absolutely have to eat, make sure you turn off the video and audio.

Don’t do other private things while on a meeting
Have you heard any horror stories about people being caught using the bathroom while on a virtual meeting, thinking they were muted or had their video off? Don’t become a statistic. It can be easy to forget that people can hear or see you even if you’re in a group of 30 classmates, so don’t risk it!

We hope these best practice tips for virtual meeting etiquette will help make future video chats easier and more productive for you. If you would like more information about virtual meeting etiquette, check out these other articles: