Creative Alternatives to a Summer Internship

As the global economic situation continues to unfold, some organizations are suspending or canceling their summer internships. With circumstances constantly changing, it is time to get creative. If your plan A isn’t working out, start working on plans B and C. Take a look at Vault’s Career Guides for ideas on where and how to pivot your interests and skills into a new opportunity.

Additionally, here are some project-based ideas and experiences that you can consider in place of a summer internship:

  1. Network with former employers to discuss possible opportunities for “contract or independent” project work. Click here for networking tips.
  2. Form a student consultancy team.
  3. Volunteer with a non-profit to help them navigate through this difficult time, such as assisting with financial reporting, drafting newsletters, or other ways to add value back to the organization or community.
  4. Consider “skill-based” online summer classes. Don’t forget about your free access to LinkedIn Learning. Consider these 5 Skills That Will Be In Demand in a Post-Pandemic World.
  5. Find a faculty member and discuss virtual ways you can contribute to their research projects.
  6. Think entrepreneurial – create a business plan and start your own business.
  7. Create a passion project.

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