Advantages of Working for Start-Ups and Midsize Organizations

With circumstances changing daily, it’s a good idea to have a Plan A, a Plan B (and even a Plan C!) prepared. While you may have initially set your ambitions on working for a large multi-national organization, many start-ups and midsize organizations can also offer exciting opportunities that can turn out to be a job you love. Here are some reasons to consider working for start-ups and midsize organizations.

    • Experience Accelerated Professional Growth
      At start-ups and midsize organizations, you often take on responsibilities beyond your job description. You will have greater autonomy over your work and, in turn, be able to grow faster as a professional. Many start-ups and midsize organizations also directly encourage employees to bring new ideas to the table, which means your voice can be heard and seriously considered.
    • Make a Greater Impact
      You can have the ability to make a real difference in the success of the organization. At a start-up or midsize organization, it will be easier to see the direct impact you are making and feel valued for making a difference. If you work hard and show sincere dedication to your work, the people who matter will notice your input much faster than at a larger organization.
    • Build Meaningful Relationships
      With a start-up or midsize organization, you can have the benefit of working closely with high-level management and gaining hands-on experience with clients. In many cases, forging meaningful relationships with the right people can often lead to opportunities to which you might otherwise not have access to.
    • Become Multi-Disciplined
      Being a part of a start-up or midsize organization can allow you to work across multiple departments, allowing you to gain experience in a variety of areas, to grow professionally, and to become a jack-of-all-trades. It also helps you determine which area of the business best suits your strengths.
    • Evaluate Your Offer
      Begin by evaluating the organization’s current position in the industry and learn all about it. Among the many things to consider when doing this research are the organization’s history, financial standing, organizational culture, and reputation. Two tools to help you in your evaluation are Crunchbase and AngelList.
    • Leverage Your Experiences
      Working for start-ups and midsize organizations can be a means to an end as many professionals change jobs several times over the course of their careers. With that in mind, you can start your career at a start-up or midsize organization and use the skills and experiences you gain to transition to the position at your dream organization. Although with the benefits you can gain at a start-up or midsize organization, you may not want to leave!