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Internship details

  • Length
    • During an academic semester or summer; at least 6 weeks
  • Hours
    • 8 – 15 hours/week (Full-time internships offered during the summer)
  • Academic Credit
    • Please speak with your organizational supervisor / Human Resources department. USC offers multiple courses for internships and the MDA 250 course is open to students in all majors. You must already have secured an internship to obtain D-clearance.
  • Non-Compete and Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) for Internships
    • Organizations or employers, and their hiring managers, sometimes ask interns to sign a non-compete agreement prior to starting their internship.  This type of agreement can restrict student actions after the internship is completed (for instance, it may prevent an intern from working for a competitor for a specific amount of time, not permanently).  Students, in addition to employers and organizations, should be aware that a non-compete agreement is not enforceable in the State of California. Under the California Business and Professions Codes, Section 16600, the law prohibits an employer from restricting anyone who is engaged in legal practice or trade.  If you are interning in a different state, please review the specific state business codes regarding non-compete agreements.
    • In addition, organizations and employers could require an intern to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before participating in their internship.  This agreement is tied to propriety information (such as new products, organizational resources, or trade secrets) in order to protect the organizational or employer assets. Interns and employees may still disclose issues that arise at the workplace such as harassment, discrimination and abuse.  Students can still speak out about such concerns according to the Silence No More Act which is in effect commencing January 1, 2022.
    • For more information, please review the additional resource: Understanding Noncompete Agreements

Securing an Internship

Review videos to implement key strategies as you prepare to apply for an internship. We provide access to local, regional, and international opportunities through various resources.

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Convert Your Internship into a Full-Time Job

Once you secure your internship, you may decide this is the place to start your career. This process begins before your first day at your new internship. Find advice from both students and employers if you plan to convert your internship into a full-time job.

Maintaining Professional Etiquette

Learn how to maintain professional etiquette in accordance with USC policies.

Summer Internship Scholarships

We offer two monetary awards to undergraduate students who secure unpaid internships.

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Have you considered completing a domestic or international internship from home?  Learn what students had to say about Virtual Internships. Check out virtual internship opportunities below.

  • Purpose
    • Accomplish project-based responsibilities similar to an in-person internship
    • Gain experience without being tied to a specific geographic location
  • Benefits
    • Greater flexibility for other obligations, such as classes or part-time jobs
    • Able to communicate utilizing technology, such as emails, video chats, phones, and instant messaging
    • Attain practical resume experience of virtual platforms, such as Google Hangouts, Slack, and Zoom
    • Promote a sustainable lifestyle by saving money on gasoline, parking, and travel time
    • Strengthen your communication and time-management skills with regular check-ins with colleagues and supervisors
    • Work anywhere with internet access and with no need to relocate
  • COVID-19 Internship Guidelines
    • Review the Career Center’s COVID-19 Internship Guidelines for guidance.
    • If a student participates in a virtual or hybrid internship (part virtual/part in-person), then compliance with current national, state, local, and campus COVID-19 directives, including CDC Guidelines, is required by both the student and the organization. Organizations must prioritize the health and safety of their interns. Students should consult the USC COVID-19 Resource Center.

Additional Resources & Tools

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