Salary Negotiations

Salary negotiation can occur when you have received an offer from an employer for position. Utilize the following resources and tips to assist you in evaluating, negotiating, and making a final decision on the job offer.

Online Resources

  • Evaluating an Offer: Get tips on understanding and negotiating the job offer and discover the various components of a job offer in addition to the salary.
  • This website allows you to locate salary info by company and position which can be used to compare your existing job offer. You can also read anonymous reviews of companies by current and former employees. Users are encouraged to create a free account to ensure greater access to data.
  • CareerBeam Salary Wizard: This resource accessible through connectSC allows you to identify salary information by position type and level of experience.


  • Is it reasonable? Determine whether the salary offered is able to cover reasonable living expenses. Calculate your monthly costs including housing, transportation, and whether this salary will suffice.
  • Negotiate because you want the job: Make it known that you are seriously considering this employer as that will incentivize the employer to try to meet your requests. Otherwise, why would the employer jump through the hoops on your behalf?
  • Be professional: Avoid coming across as greedy or aggressive when asking for a higher salary. Practice and plan out how you want to phrase your request. Consult with a career advisor by making an appointment on connectSC for assistance.
  • Provide rationale for request(s): Whether you are asking for a higher salary or flexibility in your work schedule, explain the reasons for it. For instance, asking for a higher starting salary to cover dry cleaning expenses is an unjustifiable reason. Having a specialized skill or knowledge area that is unusual but beneficial for the position can serve as a strong rationale.
  • Find the wiggle room: The starting salary for an entry-level position may not be negotiable but find out other aspects that may be. It could be that the start date or vacation time is open to discussion.
  • Keep the big picture in mind: Ultimately, does this job offer meet your career goals? Will it challenge you and provide growth opportunities? Will I fit into the company culture? You may not negotiate every aspect of the job to your advantage but consider the overall perspective of whether you will be satisfied in this position.