Research Grad School Funding

Research Salary Information

Salary data provides insight into industry standards based on years of experience, education, and professional training/certification. Utilize these resources to equip you in the decision-making process whether to decide on a career path or for salary negotiation.

CareerBeam Salary Wizard
Find data on salary ranges by job title and location. Reviewing the breakdown of education levels is an indication of type of training, such as a masters degree is expected in a particular career. In addition, this tool provides links to similar careers and is accessible via the connectSC “Resources” tab.
This is an online database of salary information searchable by company, occupation, industry, or a combination of these fields. You can also read anonymous reviews of companies by current and former employees. Users are encouraged to create a free account to ensure greater access to data.

O*Net Online
Provides detailed career information including required training and education, job duties, related careers, salary (including projected growth), and more.

Graduate School Funding

Graduate school is an investment of time and financial resources. The following tips and resources can identify financial resources to help fund your graduate education.

  • Inquire with the university’s financial aid department regarding the total cost and financing options in the form of grants and loans.
  • Research funding opportunities within the academic department and college. These opportunities may involve research, teaching, or coordinating programs and can be in the form of fellowships or assistantships that may cover some or all of the tuition costs.
  • Career Access Resource Library (CARL): This online database stores links to websites including scholarship information. Enter “scholarship” in the keyword box to find books and websites related to this subject.
  • USC Dornsife Pre-graduate Advising Office provides a list of websites related to funding graduate school.