Networking Contacts

Networking can help students clarify and define their interests in a variety of career fields. Furthermore, networking is more essential today than ever before in a student’s success in their job search. As soon as a student is enrolled at USC, he or she becomes part of the Trojan Family, a membership that further epitomizes the importance and value of connections and relationships.

USC has a number of diverse and valuable people and resources to help students better understand and connect with careers of interest, including:

Faculty –Build and maintain relationships with your instructors while in school. Faculty members are often consultants to organizations and professionals within their respective industry/discipline, as well as connected to alumni who had them as instructors in the past.

USC Staff –Many of the USC staff members that you interact with daily have built relationships with and seen firsthand the various directions students go in their careers. Like with faculty, students should work on building and maintaining relationships with staff while at school.

Career Network – This is our online directory of alumni who volunteer as information providers to fellow Trojans to assist with career advice and informational interviews.

Candid Careers – Students can watch video clips of USC (and other university) alumni being interviewed about their career paths in diverse industries and positions. Accessible via the “Resources” tab in connectSC.

Social NetworkingLinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, among other social media platforms, are considered great tools for finding or reconnecting with people with commonalities or similar careers/fields of interest.

LinkedIn is especially known to help build professional networks by helping students

  • Connect with faculty, supervisors, family and friends
  • Research alumni/professional career paths and contact them for informational interviews
  • Review job descriptions, as well as perform company and industry research.

For more LinkedIn information, webinars on how to utilize LinkedIn are accessible via the “Resources” tab in connectSC and

Professional Associations – Most professions have a national and/or regional association intended to enhance knowledge and build networks through local chapter meetings, trainings, and conferences. Many of these professional associations have a discounted rate for students. Industry professionals are impressed—and often willing to mentor—students who show initiative when joining and participating/volunteering for these associations.

The LibGuide Professional Associations section is one way to research and find the best professional association for the student. Access the LibGuide Professional Associations section here and type in the profession of interest in the search engine for a list of related professional associations.

Professional associations can also be accessed through the Career Access Resource Library (CARL), which is an online library of links to graduate schools, career development, professional associations, and other resources.

To Learn More About Networking

  • Schedule an appointment with a career advisor through connectSC.
  • Attend one of our numerous networking workshops throughout the year.
  • Watch “Networking 101:”