Apply for Jobs/Internships

The Career Center provides resources for you to learn about job opportunities and interact with recruiters. Once you have decided on your career plans, it is recommended that you utilize multiple job search strategies to maximize your efforts. Here are some recommended job search resources and strategies:

  • connectSC: Browse through thousands of job, internship, and on-campus recruiting (OCR) listings. In the “Resources” tab on connectSC, access industry specific job boards such as:
    • BridgeWorldwide Music Consortium
    • Environmental Career Opportunities
    • GoingGlobal
    • Opportunities in Public Affairs
  • On-Campus Recruiting Program (OCR): Our OCR program attracts companies from a variety of industries looking to hire for entry level positions & internships. It is a convenient opportunity for students to interview on-campus in the Career Center’s interview rooms.
    • Eligibility: Full-time undergraduate and graduate students currently enrolled in a degree program at USC are eligible to participate in OCR.
    • Who Recruits through OCR: Top companies within business, technology, fashion/retail, consumer products & nonprofit recruit through OCR. For more information, refer to this list of companies who have recruited at USC through OCR or Career Fairs.
    • When Do Companies Recruit: OCR takes place during fall and spring semesters. Check connectSC regularly as OCR opportunities are added throughout Fall & Spring semesters. Please note, many full-time & internship OCR opportunities in accounting, management consulting, & investment banking start to take place during Fall semester.
    • Getting Started: Log into connectSC and review and agree to the Professional Integrity Contract. Then complete your connectSC Profile. Please note, engineering students have additional on-campus recruiting opportunities through the Viterbi Career Services Office. Please visit their website for more information on Viterbi Career Gateway and OCR. We recommend engineering students to utilize both the Career Center and Viterbi Career Services for OCR.
    • How to Apply: Refer to our Guide to OCR for instructions.
    • Questions? Review our OCR FAQs. You can also call our Employer Relations office at (213) 740-9105 for further assistance.
  • Career Fairs: The Career Center hosts a Career Fair during the fall and spring semesters. Employers participate in Career Fairs to recruit for full-time and internship opportunities. Students are expected to dress in professional attire and bring copies of their resumes.To view a list of employers participating in our Career Fair, log into connectSC and click “Career Events” in the “Events” tab. Refer to our Career Fair page for more guidance. For industry specific career fairs, please refer to your school-based career services.
  • Trojan Talks: Take advantage of Trojan Talks, where employers will conduct a presentation on their organization & open positions. It is a great opportunity for students to network with recruiters & often times USC alumni who work in their organization. Students are expected to dress professionally to Trojan Talks. To view upcoming Trojan Talks, visit our events page or the “Events” tab in connectSC.
  • Networking: An effective approach to developing job leads is through networking. Consider these strategies:
    • Reconnect with your existing contacts (family, friends, classmates, mentors) and let them know you’re in the process of job hunting.
    • Speak to your professors or mentors and inquire about potential opportunities or resources.
    • Reach out to USC alumni through the connectSC Career Network for advice or informational interviews.
    • Develop new contacts at networking mixers or online at Check your academic department, student organization or school-based career services for upcoming networking events.
  • Online Job Search Sites: If you’re considering expanding your job search, you may want to utilize the following sites to identify more job opportunities:

When Should You Apply

Most job openings are looking for candidates to fill an immediate opening. That typically means you should be applying the semester prior to the anticipated start date. Similarly, many internships are recruited about a semester in advance. However, depending on the industry/company you’re targeting, you may have to apply even earlier than that. Refer to the chart below for a general timeline (Note: This may not apply for every company):

When Should I Apply for Jobs/Internships?
I am… When Should I Apply
Graduating this December Fall Semester (all industries)
Graduating this May Spring Semester (all industries)
Graduating this August Summer Session (all industries)
Interested in OCR for full-time & internship opportunities in:

  • Accounting
  • Business/Management
  • Consulting
  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • Management Rotational Programs Fall Semester through Spring Semester
Fall Semester through Spring Semester
Looking for a Summer Internship Late Fall through Spring Semester
Looking for a Fall Internship Summer
Looking for a Spring Internship Fall Semester

Manage Your Job Applications

As you submit applications, it is important to stay organized. Here are some tips to help you manage your job search:

  • Save a copy of the job description for future reference. It could be helpful for interview preparation.
  • Make sure to submit all the requested documents and that you submit the correct documents on time.
  • Keep track of deadlines so you can follow up as appropriate.
  • Manage your energy. Finding a job is a job in itself! When it gets stressful, take a break!
  • Be polite and clear in your communication with recruiters. Keep track of your phone calls & emails.