5 Ways to Keep Employees Focused When the Company Is Struggling

5 Ways to Keep Employees Focused When the Company Is Struggling was originally published on Ivy Exec.

Many companies face challenges, and if the management resolves them quickly, employees often don’t feel the effect. However, some crises may significantly affect the firm’s operations, making it obvious to workers. This may cause them to worry about their job security and salaries. Besides, their productivity could be lower due to stress and lack of motivation.

If your company is struggling, it’s crucial to retain your best employees and keep them focused. With their help, you can navigate challenging times and regain normalcy quickly.

Here are ways to improve employee focus and productivity when the company isn’t doing well.


1️⃣ Be Transparent

Many employees prefer to know the status of their jobs when a company is struggling. While having tough conversations with your workers might be unsettling, it’s better to keep them in the loop. Tell them the firm isn’t doing well, but you don’t have to go into details.

If you are working on a solution, notify your employees. Explain to them how the changes could affect their typical duties. Let your staff know if you need to let go of some workers after a while. This way, they can decide whether they will stay until you weather the storm or look for employment elsewhere.

Ensuring transparency when the company is struggling shows your employees you respect them. It proves that you also think about their well-being and their career.

Informing employees about the realities of your firm can help them stay focused. Even if some decide to quit after a while, they will likely give their last days at the company their all to earn a good recommendation. Those who choose to stay will also have peace of mind if you let them know about the measures you are taking to eliminate the problem.


2️⃣ Engage Them When Brainstorming Solutions

A good idea from your employee might precisely be what you need to get the business back on its feet. As you brainstorm ways to fix the issues, consult your employees. You can call a meeting and ask them for ideas and detailed proposals.

Engaging your employees will empower and motivate them to be creative. They can come up with unique solutions you wouldn’t think of otherwise.

If an employee comes up with a good idea, appreciate them even if the plan isn’t viable. Doing this can boost their work morale by proving that you value their contribution.


3️⃣ Lead by Example

It’s easy to feel distracted when your company is struggling. You might come to work late, show up for meetings unprepared, or even take your anger out on workers. Further, you may become less productive and lack the morale to lead your team.

While it’s not easy to stay positive and motivated during tough times, it’s vital to lead by example. Show your employees that there is still hope by carrying on with your duties. Show dedication and passion to encourage others to do the same.

Managing a struggling business can take a toll on your mental health. Prioritize self-care by taking time to rest and deal with stress. Encourage your employee not to suppress their frustration or other negative feelings they may have due to the situation at the workplace. Instead, offer the support they need to push through and applaud them for their endurance.

Another way to lead by example when the company is struggling is by sharing your emotions. Inform your employees how the problems affected you and mention how you maintain productivity and manage stress.

Showing your employees that it’s safe to talk about their emotions can create a sense of community. It encourages them to manage their stress correctly, improving focus.


4️⃣ Celebrate Even the Smallest Wins

Celebrating progress gives your employees a positive mindset. It allows them to value their effort and take pride in their achievements, no matter how small they may seem.

Keep your employees focused during tough times by acknowledging any progress. If you get a new client after losing a ton, celebrate the win. Show them that every effort matters and that such progress is what will help the brand get back on track.

You don’t always have to reward your employees or throw a party to celebrate small wins. Send an email update thanking them for their contribution. You could also recognize those who helped the company meet a goal by giving them a shoutout during staff meetings.

Other ideas for motivating employees include:

  • Offering a small token of appreciation
  • Planning team-building events
  • Encouraging peers to recognize each other
  • Creating a wall of fame

5️⃣ Support Struggling Employees

Not every employee will be able to stay focused after they learn about the company’s struggles. Once you notice a typically productive worker has lost focus, step in. Let them know which tasks to prioritize and which projects they can stop working on. Extend some deadlines or reassign urgent tasks to the workers doing well.

The responsibility to restabilize the company may cause you to pull away from your team. You might have no desire for check-ins and consultations.

It’s understandable to have less time for your team due to demanding duties, but you shouldn’t neglect it entirely. Create time to engage your employees and find out how they are doing.

Encourage them to ask for help with their duties, and if they are hesitant, be persistent. Let them know you are also available to discuss any concerns they might have.

Unrealistic expectations can frustrate employees and cause them to be less productive. If you add the stress of job uncertainty to that, even your top talent can quickly become a low performer.

Relieve some pressure by setting realistic goals and breaking them into small tasks that your employees can manage. Give them flexible work schedules and allow them to work remotely occasionally.


Keep Your Workplace Productive During Uncertainties

It’s not unusual for employees to feel distracted when the company is struggling. However, the measures you take and how you relate with them during this period can improve their focus.

Maintain positivity and offer the resources your workers need to fulfill their duties. It’s also vital to manage your emotions so they don’t affect your ability to lead and support your team.

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