Headshots to Handshakes: Mobilo Digital Business Card

Co-written by Sarah Ju and Saskia River

Say goodbye to the hassle of carrying stacks of paper business cards at every networking setting, thanks to the innovative Mobilo Card. This cutting-edge business card comes equipped with an NFC chip, revolutionizing the way you share your professional information with others. The USC-branded Mobilo Digital Business Card can be obtained by completing the Headshots to Handshakes Program.

With the Mobilo digital business card, all it takes is a simple tap on the back of someone’s phone to seamlessly display your digital business card, which they can effortlessly save for future reference with the click of a button, no apps required. What’s more, Mobilo offers the flexibility of four different card modes: Business Card, Landing Page, Lead Generation, and Direct Link.

Business Card mode pulls up your digital business card which shares your contact details, links to your website, and your various social channels. 

Landing Page is similar but is more so of a customizable profile which can include all of your business information. See example

Lead Generation facilitates two-way connection by allowing the viewer to share their contact with you via your channel. See example

Direct Link mode grants users the ability to share a specific link if you would prefer to send connection to a website or LinkedIn profile for example.

Choose the card mode that best suits your networking needs at any given moment, and it will instantly appear when you tap your Mobilo Card on a device. In your account dashboard, you will be able to update any of your information in each mode whenever you’d like. Any changes you make are instantly applied to your card in real-time.

Mobilo offers analytics giving cardholders insights into how their cards are being used

A Lead Generation dashboard allows cardholders to follow-up with their networking connections and mark the progress along the way.

Mobilo goes beyond card taps; you can share your information through a personalized scannable QR code for other devices incompatible with NFC, or easily integrate it into your email signature. With Mobilo Cards, networking has never been so convenient and sophisticated.

Once You’ve Obtained Your Card

  1. Scan the QR code on the back and complete the sign-up form
  2. You will receive an email with a temporary password to log into your Mobilo Dashboard
  3. Set-up your profile and you are ready to start networking!

For Headshots to Handshakes Program availability check out our website.

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