Spring Your Career Forward During Spring Break

With our upcoming Spring Break, many of you are looking forward to getting much needed rest and relaxation. The Career Center has some tips on how to get in some important self-care while also springing into actionable steps that can get you closer to your career goals.

Set Attainable Goals

In CareerShift’s article, Tips for Setting Attainable Goals, they suggest taking your career goals to the next level. Some tips include:

  • Pick up a new career-relevant hobby
  • Make mental health a priority
  • Write lists of done instead of to-do
  • Create one new healthy habit at a time

Revise Your Resume

The first and best impression you can make when applying for any job or internship is your resume. Use this time to take a look at your resume and ask yourself, does this reflect who I am and what my goals are? Your resume should provide a picture of your skills and accomplishments as they relate to the jobs and internships you hope to apply for. Utilize Smart Resume through USC’s VMock website to upload your resume 24/7 and receive immediate feedback, wherever you are. 

Practice Your Elevator Pitch

Imagine you are taking the elevator to your hotel room while on vacation, and you bump into the CEO of your dream organization. What would you do? This is your chance to share your elevator pitch and articulate who you are in a few sentences, before they get off their floor. Although this scenario may not necessarily happen, you never know who you might meet during spring break and where the opportunity could lead. 

Set-Up an Informational Interview

Learn about your industry of interest and get career tips from professionals in your field by setting up informational interviews. These connections could potentially lead to mentorships and possible job and internship opportunities. See our list of informational interview questions here.

Spring Into Networking 

Traveling for spring break? This is the perfect opportunity to spring into networking! If you are traveling to a city you might want to work in after college, use this time to connect with industry professionals there. Make the most out of your vacation by visiting new and exciting places while developing professional relationships.

You will need to identify people who will be willing to make time and talk to you, but this can be daunting especially in a new or unfamiliar city. Where or how do you start? The best way to do this is to reach out to USC alumni in the city you are traveling to and schedule informational interviews. Take advantage of the Trojan Network, USC’s free exclusive networking and mentorship platform, to find alumni in a city, industry, or company you are interested in working. You can even identify alumni by help topics, including networking/informational interviews, job shadowing, and more. Alumni are on the Trojan Network because they are willing to help. If you are staying local, you can still expand your network. The benefit of the Trojan Network is access to alumni worldwide from wherever you are. Regardless of your destination during spring break, use this time and opportunity to make new connections.

Take a Well-Deserved Break

Many of you may be feeling overwhelmed with the pressures of finding a job or internship. Remember to take time for yourself and practice mindfulness techniques as suggested by USC Student Health and participate in wellness activities provided by the USC Kortschak Center for Learning and Creativity.

Hopefully our tips can help you spring into action. No matter what you decide to do, whether it be to connect with someone on the Trojan Network, get an immediate resume critique on Smart Resume, or just take a break and relax, know that the Career Center will be here to help you when you get back from spring break, no matter where you are in your career journey.

By Career Center
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