Advice from Black Professionals As You Start Your Career Journey

As many students look forward to graduating and finishing up their Spring semester, there is excitement and also some worry and apprehension about their first job out of college, or new internship. For Black students, and many students of color, questions may arise about how they will be treated once they get there, the diversity of the team they are joining, and imposter syndrome, to name just a few of those concerns. The following article provides advice of 14 Black professionals who have been there and the wisdom they have gleaned from their own career journeys. Their advice includes:

  • Find your people
  • Don’t underestimate the value of a great boss, even if they don’t look like you
  • You are worthy of being authentically yourself
  • Fight imposter syndrome with self-affirmations
  • Seek mentorship, then pay it forward
  • Know that your community is rooting for you

Read on to find more helpful advice from the following Handshake article as you start your career journey: 14 Black professionals share their advice for your career journey

By Career Center
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