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Dear USC Community,

The USC Career Center staff are dedicated to the ideals and advocacy – underscored within our mission statement – supporting and enhancing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Together with the DEI practices of the broader university, we are engaging in these ideals as they specifically support and expand the career development opportunities for our students and alumni. We also work closely with our employer community to engage and support them in these important efforts. We recognize that not everyone has an equal playing field in career-related pursuits and networks. We want all students and alumni, regardless of their identities or backgrounds, to be equipped to pursue their career goals and fully contribute their unique perspectives, experience, education, skills, and ideas to the world.

All of us continue to witness the acts of systemic racism that impact our nation. These acts sometimes make the headlines and other times occur more subtly, yet still lead to insidious suppression and ongoing limitations. These inequities must be brought into the open and must be acknowledged. This section of the Career Center website is deliberate and dedicated to identifying and displaying some of the active ways in which we are engaging to counter these inequities. Actions speak louder than words. Our goal is to be at the forefront to ensure that all students and alumni can equitably meet their career pursuits.

As a staff, we promote and support open and honest dialogue about making our work, resources, and ourselves more inclusive. We hope that you will look through the efforts outlined in this section and throughout our website. And, if you have any suggestions, please do not hesitate to let us know as we, together as a campus community, continue to engage, grow, and support each other.

We must all remain active in bringing about change. We must create inclusive environments for all to thrive, advocate for legislative and policy changes, vote in elections, donate money or time, educate ourselves, and speak out against inequities.
The USC Career Center staff remains steadfast in our efforts.


Carl Martellino
Associate Vice Provost for Student Affairs, Career Services

Lori Shreve Blake
Senior Director of Career Engagement

Lauren Opgenorth
Associate Director of Internship Engagement

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