DEI & the Jobseeker: A Recap of the USC Virtual Summer Summit 2021

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is at the forefront of every organization’s recruiting strategy. The Career Center recently convened some top employers to discuss the ways in which they instill DEI values in their organizations. What does this mean for you, the jobseeker? Read on for insight into the recruitment process.

Tip #1 – Go out and make connections for your own personal and professional development. You can connect with professors, peers, alumni and individuals at organizations to gain more insights and make connections. With all the technology available to you, it has never been easier to send a message and initiate a conversation. 

Tip #2 – Aside from connectSC and other job portals, look at some of your local nonprofit workforce development organizations as a way to be sourced for hiring.

Tip #3 – To understand a potential employer on a deeper level, look at the organization’s philanthropic endeavors and how they give back to their communities. Many organizations also outline their DEI initiatives and programs for prospective employees.

Tip #4 – Attend Trojans Talks or events such as the Diversity Meet & Greet at USC to interact with organizations and ask questions about their culture, DEI strategy, and environment of belonging.

Tip #5 – As part of their diversity efforts, many employers aim to recruit students from not only unconventional backgrounds but also majors of study. Your major does not define your career path, so remember to value experiences like volunteering, membership in student organizations, and part-time jobs as relevant experiences. Be sure to come to the Career Center drop-in hours if you have questions about how to write about these experiences on your resume!

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