Sales: More Than Just a Career

Have you ever considered pursuing a career in sales? Think it’s not for you? Think again! We spoke with a few USC alumni to get the scoop.

There are many stereotypes associated with a sales role, such as the high-pressure commission-based environment and the necessity to be an outgoing extrovert. However, it “comes down to being able to connect well with others,” says Samantha Cho-Hernandez (’18), and ensuring both parties coming out as winners. Another alum, Alexander Bizoumis (’12) emphasizes the power you have in choosing what you want to sell and stresses that you should “never sell anything you don’t believe in.”

Being skilled in the art of persuasion goes beyond a career in sales and can be incredibly beneficial in any of your professional roles. Attracting investors, inspiring teams, and building brands all require you to be an effective communicator.

Whether you want to pursue a career in sales or not, sharpening your communication and persuasion skills will make you successful in anything you decide to do.

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