Career Network

What is the Career Network?

The Career Network is a unique resource made up of USC alumni who have volunteered to provide career-related information to current students and fellow alumni. We are pleased to provide this valuable networking and mentorship resource as an opportunity for you to connect and build relationships with currently-enrolled students and/or other alumni members of the Trojan Family.

The Career Network is intended for individual communication of a personal nature and not for commercial purposes. We encourage students who reach out to you to avoid sending unsolicited resumes or solely inquiring about internship or job opportunities. The Career Network is meant to serve as a resource for information and relationships within the USC community. As a reminder, use your best judgment when engaging with alumni and students. Review our Non-Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Guidelines for policies on how to interact with students and alumni in a professional capacity. If an interaction is inappropriate or unprofessional, please notify us. We expect appropriate and professional engagement at all times.

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