The Versatile PhD

Check out The Versatile PhD, a new resource for Ph.D. students and alumni interested in exploring non-academic careers! The Versatile PhD is a web-based resource that you can access 24/7. It is convenient and completely confidential. Only registered members may read or post, and you are in control of your profile. The services include:

  • A thriving and supportive web-based community, allowing you to participate in discussions and network with actual “Versatile PhDs” (Ph.D.s and ABDs outside the academy)
  • A collection of compelling first-person narratives written by Ph.D.s, describing how they established their non-academic careers
  • Successful CV-to-resume conversions that resulted in a Ph.D. or ABD in humanities or social science getting hired into his or her first non-academic position
  • Archived panel discussions where Ph.D.s working in a given non-academic field describe their jobs and answer questions from members. 

The premium content area is only available if you access the Versatile PhD through connectSC.

Instructions of Access

Clicking on the link from within connectSC will establish your credential as affiliated with USC and bring you to a Versatile PhD login page. It will not record your name, just the fact that you are coming from USC. You must login to Versatile Ph.D. from within connectSC to gain access each time.

The link may be found in the Resources section in "Online Resources and Handouts" as in this screenshot:

The Versatile PhD premium account credential will last until you logout or close your browser, or until midnight Pacific Standard Time.

Night owls: beware that your access to the Premium Content Area will expire at midnight Pacific Standard Time. If you are using the site, before and then after midnight, go back to connectSC again click on the Versatile Ph.D. link.