This contract is valid for the Fall 2015 & Spring 2016 semesters.

FALSIFIED INFORMATION: If you provide false information in your profile in order to meet a schedule’s requirements, you will be suspended from further use of OCR/connectSC for the remainder of the semester.

CANCELLING AN INTERVIEW: You MUST cancel your interview at least 3 business days prior to the interview date in order to avoid a "No-Show" status.

To cancel an interview:

  • Log into connectSC -> Go to "Interviews" -> Select "Unschedule Interview" or
  • Contact the On-Campus Recruiting Team at 213-740-9105 or visit the Career Center’s Interview Center (STU – B1)
NOTE: If an emergency arises and you need to cancel less than 3 business days prior to or on the day of your interview, you MUST notify us by phone at (213) 740-9105. You will still be given a "No-Show" status, but it allows us to inform the recruiter so he/she is aware of the situation.

NO-SHOW: If you cancel less than 3 business days prior to your interview date or do not show up for your scheduled interview you will be marked as a "No-Show" and suspended from further use of OCR/connectSC for the remainder of the semester. You are also required to send a personalized email of apology to the recruiter within 3 days of the scheduled No-Show interview, copying our On-Campus Recruiting Team.
NOTE: You are required to attend all previously scheduled interviews after a No-Show status.

UPON ACCEPTING AN OFFER: In our continuing efforts to minimize reneged offers, after a student accepts (in writing) an official offer for employment (for any type of position, including internships and fellowships) the student’s OCR Access will be deferred for a period of six months.

RENEGING: As part of your ethical responsibility and agreement with this contract, you are to subsequently discontinue further interviewing with all other employers, including those who recruit through USC’s OCR Program. If you renege on an offer that was attained through the OCR Program, your OCR Access will be revoked for the rest of the academic year. For more information about accepting and reneging internship/job offers, please click here.

OCR Contracts will be processed within 1-2 business days from the date received.