On-Campus Recruiting

It is a convenient opportunity for students to interview on-campus in the Career Center's interview rooms.

Our OCR program attracts companies from a variety of industries looking to hire for several entry level positions.


Full-time undergraduate and graduate students currently enrolled in a degree program at USC are eligible to participate in OCR.

When does OCR take place?

The 2016-2017 OCR season for on-campus interviews is as follows:

  • September 12 - November 18, 2016
  • January 23 - April 14, 2017
NOTE: Company Information Sessions and other recruiting-related events may take place earlier in the semester. Please check the Career Center calendar for details.

Who Recruits through OCR

Top companies within business, technology, fashion/retail, consumer products & nonprofit recruit through OCR. Please note, many full-time OCR opportunities in accounting, management consulting, & investment banking take place during Fall semester.

If you find a job that might be fraudulent, please report it. For details on what to look for in a fraudluent posting, visit http://careers.usc.edu/students/keep-safe.

Getting Started


  1. Create a connectSC profile through the Career Center website
  2. Submit an OCR Contract online
  3. Upload your resume into your connectSC account. To upload your resume, select "Documents". You can also upload other employment-related documents such as cover letters, unofficial transcripts, and supplemental information in this section.

    Make sure that your profile is up-to-date and accurate. Falsifying information will result in account suspension.

  4. If you need help with your resume or cover letter, you can visit the Career Center (STU 110), where our Career Counselors will be happy to help you during walk-in hours.

You can upload up to 50 documents. If you have more than one document, be sure to select an appropriate "Default" resume.


  1. In connectSC click on the Jobs and Internships tab to search for OCR positions. Under " Advanced Search" > "Show Me" you can search for OCR positions in two ways.
    1. "Interviews I Qualify For": This search will only display schedules that you are qualified to apply for. Make sure to check this section often as new schedules will become available throughout the semester.
    2. "All Interviews": This search will display all OCR Positions, both qualifying and non-qualifying. Therefore, you may or may not be able to apply to all the schedules listed from this search result.
    NOTE: Your qualifications are based on four key criteria: degree, major, graduation date, and work authorization. All candidates must meet the position's criteria to apply. Falsifying information will result in account suspension.
  2. To view the details of an OCR position click on the job title. This will allow students to see the position descriptions, interview schedule, and screening criteria.
  3. If all screening criteria are met, submit your application by clicking the "Apply" button on the schedule page. The system will then ask you to select the resume you wish to submit. You may be required to submit additional documents such as a cover letter, and a grade sheet (unofficial transcript).
  4. Make sure you read the "How to Apply" section on the job description page carefully as some employers may require you to also apply through their web site.


The "Interviews" tab allows students to keep track of OCR applications and scheduled interviews. You can also sign up, or cancel an interview from this section.
  1. Congratulations! At this point you have been selected as a Preselect or Alternate. Preselected students have priority access to sign up for interviews. Alternates are not guaranteed an interview time and have a separate sign up date from preselected students. Once the sign up period is open:
    1. Select the "Interviews" tab.
    2. Under "Requested Interviews" select "Schedule Interview" or "Decline Interview" if you are no longer interested in interviewing with the company.
    3. You will then see all the available interview times, select the one that best your availability then click "Submit".
    4. Your interview information will now appear under the "Scheduled" section of the Interviews tab.
  2. Prepare for your interview ahead of time by learning more about the company and brushing up on your interviewing skills.
    1. Attend an information session to learn more about a company and meet some of their key employees.
    2. Participate in a mock interview with a Career Advisor to fine-tune your interviewing skills. Log-in to connectSC to request an appointment.
  3. Attend your interview and arrive at least 10 minutes early in professional attire.
    NOTE: If you need to cancel your interview, you must do so at least three business days prior to the interview date to avoid a "No-Show Status" and risk being ineligible to participate in OCR for the semester. To cancel a scheduled interview, call our office at (213) 740-9105 or cancel it online through your connectSC account during the schedule's interview sign-up period.
  4. Write a thank-you letter after each interview

Reviewing an Offer

Check the Interviews tab in connectSC so you don't miss an interview. If you miss an interview, you will need to pick up "No-Show" packet and lose OCR access the remainder of the semester.

Congratulations for reaching this point in the hiring process!

If you are wondering how to evaluate an offer letter, talk to one of our Career Counselors during Walk-In hours (Monday through Friday, 11:30 - 3:30 pm) or read our Guide to Evaluating an Offer.

NOTE: If you have accepted a position, please remove yourself from all interviews for which you have previously signed-up. You are still subject to the Cancellation/No-Show policy.

Please note, Engineering On-Campus Recruiting is facilitated through the Viterbi Career Services Office. Please visit their website for more information on Viterbi connectSC and OCR.


Where are OCR interviews conducted?
Interviews are conducted at various locations. Check the schedule posting to find the exact location of your interview.
  • Career Center, Student Union Building (STU) Lower Level Room B1.
  • Viterbi School of Engineering Career Services, Ronald Tutor Hall(RTH) Room 218.
What are the different types of interview schedules?
There are two types which determine how you can sign up for an interview.
  • Preselect: Employers will choose qualified candidates for interviews based upon submitted resumes. If you are preselected, you can sign up for an interview slot during the Preselect Sign-up period.
  • Resume Collection: Online resume collection. Companies will not interview on campus. If they are interested, they will contact you directly for an in-house or phone interview.
    NOTE: Once you have signed up for a time slot, you are committed to the interview and will be subject to the Cancellation or No-Show Policy.
What are "Schedule Timeline Changes"?
These dates determine when you can apply and sign-up for an interview. You should be aware of the following trigger dates for each job posting: Resume Submission, Preselect Sign-ups, Alternate Sign-ups, and Sign-up Deadlines.
NOTE: Preselects and Alternates have different sign-up dates.
What is the Cancellation & No-Show Policy?
Click here to view to OCR Contract with more information on the Cancellation & No-Show Policy
Can I change my profile to meet the requirements of a schedule?
No. If you change your profile in order to meet the requirements of a position, you will lose your OCR access for the semester.
What are Information Sessions and where do I find them?
During the Fall & Spring semesters, we invite employers to conduct information sessions. We strongly recommend that you attend these sessions to learn about different industries and organizations, as well as meet some of their key employees.
To view upcoming information sessions click on the "Events" tab in connectSC.
How do I get additional help?
Visit the Career Center's Interview Center located in the Student Union Building, Room B-1, call (213)740-9105, or email recruit@usc.edu for further assistance.

You can also call our Employer Relations office at (213) 740-9105 for further assistance.