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Equipped with an understanding of yourself, your next step is to explore various career options. Here are resources to help you obtain information about industries, job descriptions, career pathways & more.

Candid Career

Watch video clips of USC alumni being interviewed about their career paths. Many of these alumni have volunteered to be a resource and can be contacted through this site. Accessible via connectSC Resources.

Career Access Resource Library (CARL)

Online library featuring resources on to graduate schools, career exploration, professional associations, internships, and fellowships.

connectSC Career Network

Online directory of ~900 USC alumni who volunteered to assist with career advice and informational interviews. Accessible via connectSC.

Career options organized by major

Visit What Can I Do With This Major to see a list of popular careers as it relates to majors.

Explore@4 Career Panels

Moderated panels where you can interact with alumni & industry professionals to explore various career paths. Visit our Calendar for upcoming panels and our Media section for past audio recordings.

LinkedIn Alumni

Utilize LinkedIn to search for USC alumni and review their career paths. Requires a LinkedIn Account. Refer to our LinkedIn webinars in connectSC Resources and’s University Page for more information.

O*Net Online

Provides detailed career information including required training and education, job duties, related careers, salary, and more.

Vault Career Guides

Read & download Career Guides for in-depth information on various careers, graduate programs, employers, and industries. Free access via connectSC Resources.